Vein Pinch?

Alright, the other night I decided to switch up my routine a bit and do my pumping before my jelqing because I was curious to see if anything would be different. Well, it is different this time around, but I don’t know if I can contribute it to that just yet.

I started getting a slight pain feeling running along my right side of my shaft, but had trouble pinpointing the exact location. I knew if I touched a vein the length of it would like reverberate with a slight pain. I did some warm wraps twice yesterday, and I noticed that when I did it I could finally pinpoint the location. It turned out being right near the base. At first I thought it was thrombosed vein, but did not experience any hardness along that vein. Then a thought occurred to me I realized that the pain center was right where the bottom of my cylinder of my pump goes. I wondered if it could be possible that the vein got pinched.

So is it possible to pinch a vein?

The pain is mostly faded by now, but I’ll keep the day off just as a precaution.

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