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Vein Damage

Vein Damage

I have been doing the newbie routine for the past month and I have been astonished at the new length gains I have made. I don’t know if anyone else has see gains like this, but It seems like I have cemented a full .5 of an inch, and if I measure after a workout it’s .75. The problem is however, The huge vein running down the middle of my penis. Sometimes when I stretch, it seems like I strain it too much, and the VEIN is actually sore for days, and my ligaments and rest of my penis may only be sore for a short amount of time. Sometimes I even feel a piercing pain in it, that’s when I stop stretching for the day.

Has anyone else seen or experienced this problem? I don’t want to rupture anything, I want to plow full steam ahead, since I can only imagine what gains will come from a few years of PE.

Pain is not good. Slight soreness in the ligs is pretty typical. Emphasis on slight, however. Take a few days rest and don’t pull so hard. :)

Have you seen sparkyx’s PI thread? It’s a great resource.

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Thanks for the input guys, I have been lurking these forums basically everyday since I started PE, but have never come across this problem before. Doubles, your right because when I take a few days off the vein stops hurting. Then again, is this the strangest thing? I know it’s not my ligaments because that soreness is different, and I think that this may be a hindrance since I usually can’t stretch for as long or a hard as I would like to. I feel like I’m losing my mind.. But so far it really has not become an unbearable problem. Thanks again for the input.

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