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Vascular Reconstructive Surgery

Vascular Reconstructive Surgery

Has anyone had this surgery or heard of it?

This is what it says online I found.

Vascular Reconstructive Surgery
A small percentage of men undergo vascular reconstructive surgery to improve blood flow to the penis. Revascularization involves bypassing blocked veins or arteries by transferring a vein from the leg and attaching it so that it creates a path to the penis that bypasses the area of blockage. Young men with only local arterial blockage are the best candidates for this procedure. It may restore function in 50% to 75% of men.

Venous ligation is performed to prevent venous leak. Problematic veins are bound (ligated) or removed, which allows an adequate amount of blood to remain in the penis. It may improve function in 40% to 50% of men, but some men may experience problems over the long term.
Vascular surgery for erectile dysfunction is rarely performed and is generally considered experimental. Risks include nerve damage and the creation of scar tissue, both of which are causes of impotence. Surgeons experienced with these procedures may be difficult to find.

I’m talking to a doctor from another country Dr. Geng Long Hsu who is one of the best at venous ligation. I have venous leak and ED. I injured my penis 5 years ago while jelqing/masturbating and the only way since then I can get an erection and keep an erection is by sitting down and by squeezing my legs towards my penis and testicles. The moment I stand up or unsqueeze my legs, I lose my erection completely. Some people say that I do this because I have poor blood flow in my penis and that makes sense. I did have ultrasound of my penis when it was erect and my urologist said blood flow was fine. However, he never tested me for blood flow of penis when it was flaccid b/c according to him, it’s useless because blood flow has to be weak when flaccid.

Does anyone know more details about this vascular reconstructive surgery? There is a guy I talk to who had venous ligation done by Dr. Geng Long Hsu and he had venous leak. He tell me procedure was good except he does feel numbness on top shaft of his penis. There is another person who I talk to who had embolization done with coils for his venous leak. Does anyone know if that is related to blood flow or blood vessels?


I am sorry, I do not know much.

Have you tryed Viagra or any ED meds?

5 years is unfortunate, and probably not going to heal itself naturally.

Honestly man, before I tryed any surgurey, that has the word experimental in it, I would get my hands on Viagra and take it every night to promote night wood, and do lots of kegels.

The viagra for up to a year I think in one test fixed ED for some men, and the kegels can help with the venous leak.

Best of luck to you.

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Hello, I realize that this thread is super old now but want to reply for anyone who may find it. Yes penile revascularization surgery is real, not experimental. It has been done thousands of times with high success rates since 1973. It was featured on TLC about 10 years ago when a young man in college had the procedure performed by Irwin Goldstein, one of the country’s leading urologists. You can find it on YouTube. Dr. Goldstein sees men and women for various conditions, and I’m a patient of his myself, for full disclosure. Before that I was under the care of a different, nationally-renowned urologist Mohit Khera, who is a really nice man but like most other urologists he never once mentioned the long-established medical science that I’ve learned after reading about Dr. Goldstein’s work.

Venous leakage is not addressed by revascularization surgery, and in fact disqualifies a patient from being a candidate. Whether or not the trapping mechanism (like a ring of tissue) that holds your erections is doing its job can be seen clearly on an ultrasound of an erect penis. I had such an ultrasound done in each of the two offices. Without sharing the whole long story: Dr. Khera’s office does not understand the use of their expensive ultrasound machine and gave me false diagnoses. Dr. Goldstein, on the other hand, showed full understanding and pointed out to me the waveform response of blood flow that proved my trapping mechanism was A-OK. “This is really cool, you see your heartbeat makes blood return from the body, but waveform here drops off each time because the blood in your penis is hitting a wall, so your trapping mechanism is great.” The ability to frankly explain details makes him like the Richard Feynman of urology.

The right and left cavernosal arteries that supply blood flow to the penis can be damaged with blunt trauma such as falling too hard on bicycle seat, a fence railing, or even getting kicked. Dr. Goldstein has never warned me away from using a vacuum pump even though I’ve mentioned my usage several times to see if he’d either OK it or warn me off of it (he’s done neither).

If you’re able to maintain an erection but it takes lots of time and stimulation for you to get one, you could have partial blockage. This and other issues can be checked for and quantified definitively.

Dr. Geng-Long Hsu is a famous Taiwan urology doctor.

He has done many Vascular Reconstructive Surgery.

Because the surgery fee is high, he suggest patients to take Viagra or something like first.

If you want to know the details of this surgery (with pictures and explanation), please see:

Outpatient Surgery of Penile Venous Stripping

Originally Posted by westell1
There is another person who I talk to who had embolization done with coils for his venous leak. Does anyone know if that is related to blood flow or blood vessels?

Yes a member here called something like Yataghan50 or something similar had embolisation done by an interventional radiologist to treat his venous leak and it was a great success for him.

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I’ve also had a cavernosogram with venous embolisation, and it didn’t go as well as I expected. The success rate is 50/50 but I think it’s the best option before you move to other options like penile implants (especially if you’re unable to use Viagra/Cialis/etc).

The embolisation should last for 2-3 years from what I’ve been told and would have to be repeated again.

One question for everyone here and which I forgot to ask my doctor was whether you’re able to go to the gym and continue with weight lifting or do you have to abstain from it permanently in case the embolisation fails from lifting somehow heavy.

What do you think?

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