Urologist advice

I paid a visit to my urologist and among other things asked him for his advice on products herbs vitamins an the like.
his opinion was incredibly frank.

Q What do you think of cum increase?
D Everyone goes through certain stages including age is a very important factor when you are twenty you have no problem in ejaculating often when you are fifty or sixty or more possibly every three to four hours or longer. We here to help shortening the time if necessary.

Q Why stretching works for some others do not.
D Normally penises are not chewing gum so do not stretch otherwise some type of injury may develop overtime and you may not notice until it is late. Again age is a factors in some you may stretch in others does not work at all/

Q Do herbs work?
D yes but care should be taken when using them in certain fashion and not that often.

Q Vitamins and other supplements do work?
D I am not sure if I want to discuss them at all because they may end up causing more damage than good and n the long term may contribute to cancers like prostate, brain, kidney and liver cancers.to name a few. not sure of their effectiveness as often reported may be just placebo effect.
thank you Mr XXXX In Australia MR is used as a title for surgeons