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Urge to pee after masturbation

Urge to pee after masturbation

Tonight I masturbate and finished for the first time in maybe 2 weeks and afterwards I had an overwhelming urge to pee. This has happened before but I’m not sure as to why. It persists for maybe 45 mins and gets to the point where its extremely uncomfortable. I was able to pee a lititle bit but the feeling remained. Anyone have any idea what could have caused this?

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I’ve had that happen sometimes. It’s a mystery to me too, but I’ve got some ideas what it could be from. One is ejaculating too much in a given time span. Two is edging for a long time before ejaculating.

Even when one of those two things is going, I don’t get it very often. But when I have felt it, it’s been associated with one of those.

To me it feels like the urethra is stinging, and somehow opening the bladder gives some relief, but not much. It could be something chemical about the ejaculate. Or it could be something energetic. Just guessing.

One thing I do know is that if I ejaculate again after I have this feeling, it makes it worse. Gotta sleep it off.

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Yea I think both times it happened after edging

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I’ve wondered if edging swells the prostate and doesn’t allow complete voiding. Just a theory.

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That’s what it kind of seems like but I wonder what really causes it as its inconsistent.

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I developed this problem several years ago and it was caused by prostatitis.

In short prostatitis is no fun. This was long before I heard of PE. At the time I was riding my bike a lot (prostate pressure) and not getting much attention from my wife, nor was I taking care of myself by other means.

My prostate became inflamed and then actually infected, which led to swelling and pain. I experienced a total loss of EQ, nighttime erections, sex drive, spontaneous erections, etc. I felt like I’d been gelded. My penis seemed like a lifeless noodle.

I felt like I had to pee constantly. When I tried I rarely could. Seminal usually fluid leaked out when I attempted to pee. I could never tell when I was done peeing. I constantly dribbled in my pants.

Unfortunately, the prostate has almost no blood supply. So after the doc confirmed that my prostate, tubes, and vas were infected, by shoving his fingers in my butthole, He put me on the kind of hardcore antibiotics that vaporize your gut bacteria, give you horrible flatulence and liquid stool, make you gain weight, and your life a miserable hell. I ended up taking them for almost 3 months. (6 2-week cycles).

After realizing the first course of antibiotics had done nothing to improve things, I began reading about prostatitis online and started slipping into despair. Many people had experienced exactly what I did, and never recovered, even a little. It seemed that a common result was permanent dysfunction.

I searched further and deeper for any glimmer of hope and found some people who had improved, or cured their symptoms by prostate massage. In a nutshell this involved masturbation + milking the prostate, Since I couldn’t get an erection at first. I just started with the milking, which involved twisting yourself into a pretzel and hooking your fingers into your buttlhole to apply pressured strokes to the prostate. At the time, this redefined the word “pain” for me. But after my first attempt I was able to pee out huge globs of seminal fluid and the swelling, pressure, and pain were cut in half. By the second week, I was able to get erection, so the prescription involved masturbating close to the edge followed by about 5 minutes of milking through the butthole, then ejaculation. This was still quite painful, but alleviated my symptoms. I did this almost every day for about a month and eventually my prostate stopped swelling up again the next day. Even though I was still having urinary symptoms of prostatitis, urgency, burning pee, burning ejaculation, etc. Things were improved. I monitored my prostate for swelling and soreness, and kept taking the pills until all the symptoms were gone.

What is the moral of the story? Looking around the web, it is easy to see prostatitis related to a number of things such as nofap, edging, bicycles, etc.

You don’t want prostatitis. So Edge all you want, but make sure you ejaculate every 2nd or 3rd day, because the road to prostate perdition is lined with intense seminal pressure.

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