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Urethral Stenosis

Urethral Stenosis

Hi guys. Just wondering if any of you have ever encountered something called Urethral Stenosis? Went to the Doctor’s office the other day as it seems my urethral opening (pee hole) is closing up. He noticed it right away and I’m heading to the specialist on Tuesday for a better look. It seems that my urethral opening is closing and there appears to be a white film (new skin) developing about 1/8” from the opening. It is making peeing a chore as have to push to get all the urine out and sometimes urine goes everywhere and there’s a mess. I also just recovered from a urinary tract infection because of it. Men don’t usually get urinary tract infections which my doctor was quick to point out.

The doctor did ask if I have had any trauma to the area but I told him no as I have never truly injured myself due to PE. Funny thing is that I first noticed this in 2005 although very minor. I went to a doctor then who prescribed me some elocon ointment, which didn’t do the trick. Here it is 2012 and it has worsened.

Any suggestions or experience with this?

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Any Urologists ,Doctors or anyone that has experienced Meatal stenosis at the tip of the glans.?I have about 50% blockage from scar tissue that a urologist wants to cut out and also perform a Meatotomy ” enlarging the opening at the tip.”The scar tissue protrudes outward more like a nodule.

It’s an “outpatient “procedure in a hospital but I would be put under sedation so it’s considered surgery.It really doesn’t bother me or cause health issues but it”s annoying to look at and can become tender.

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