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Urethral opening swelling - overtraining

Urethral opening swelling - overtraining

Hi guys,

Good to be here and greetings to everyone!

I’ve created an account over here a few years back, but this is I believe my first post in here. I do not have enough permissions to start threads in the injuries forum, so I’m just going to start one here and will add pictures as soon as it is moved to the “injuries” section.

Swelling that occurs around the urethral opening. It doesn’t hurt, unless I squeeze it strongly, then I feel a sort of pressure building up inside.

When it occurs:
After jelqing. Subsides within about an hour.

My current routine:

- 15 minutes of downward jelqing at barely 20% erection
- 2 hours stretching with the Penimaster afterwards at moderate tension
- 3 days on, 1 day off.

It makes sense that this swelling would occur, as I’m basically directing blood to the glans so naturally it’s understandable that it would get swollen. I just wanted to confirm with the more experienced people whether this is a sign that I am doing something wrong / too much.

I was able to find this old post in the forums: Blister/swelling around urethral opening, how to avoid? [Picture]

Seems to be very similar, although this picture is not entirely clear, but hopefully you’ll be able to judge that from mine as soon as I add them.

Thanks in advance!

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Forgot to mention; I started doing PE 10 days ago. (Tried it a few years back for a few years but didn’t stick with it.)

Here are the pictures. Sorry for the poor quality; I don’t own a digital camera and had to do with my cellphone. If it’s not enough let me know, I’ll try to get something better.

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