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Uneven inflating deflating chambers. curve while flaccid

Uneven inflating deflating chambers. curve while flaccid

I have always had this issue as long as I can remember. Perhaps it got more pronounced over the years.

The left chamber is weaker overall, and slightly smaller than the right chamber.

When I get an erection, the right one seems to fill faster and is stronger, while the left chamber follows behind.

Once I get a 100% erection, it is pretty stable, but the left chamber is still weaker. I am use to this now, and when having sex I just have to be a bit cautious, but all works fine.

What is the cause of this? Any remedies?

I also get a hour glass shape in the middle of the shaft after ejaculation, and the penis turtles. A quick massage will get rid of it, but it just looks strange.

Thanks guys!

I have very similar case but mine is more severe as a result of hanging with my finger as a fulcrum and cased a lot of scar tissue to build up a little farther than midway up my shaft.. I can’t even get natural erections anymore and believe I have a serious leakage problem.. How old are you and can you feel any hard spots where its ballooning or bottlenecking? If you had this your whole life it may be normal for ur unit.. I would recommend acetyl l cartine and 200 mg vitamin e to possibly help.

Hi Mikey. If you were born in 88, I would say we are very similar in age.

I am already taking the ALC, but I will have to start the vitamin E again as well.

I don’t notice any hardness around the hourglass area, and it only happens after ejaculation where the penis deflates/shrinks.

Do you get a pretty straight erection still, or is the shape on erection as well? Do you have a weaker chamber, or are both equally strong?


My erection I s fairly straight but with about a 4-5 degree curve to the left, starting at where my lump of scar tissue is, also I have a pretty significant banana curve upwards.. Both of my chambers appear to be equally strong but I believe I may have some type of leakage at my base.. And I’m pretty sure that is normal because of the way the CC releases blood you sort of will have a vacuum effect in the mid shaft of the chambers, I believe mine has done that prior to my stupid injury .

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