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Underskin Zit

Underskin Zit

A few weeks ago I had this monster zit on my shaft, that never formed any kind of whitehead. When I say big, I mean huge.

Anyways, it went away but almost left soft of a hard something under the skin. Almost like scar tissue or cartilidge. Not sure what it is.

Now, not only do I want to get rid of this, but when I jelq that exact spot (which is circular like a zit) turns purplish. I am taking time of jelqing, but not sure what to do past this.

Anyone had any experience like this? Even if not necessarily on your penis…


Yes, ingrown hairs/pimples on the shaft can get really red and inflamed, leaving behind some hard scar tissue that takes a little while to clear up. I’d recommend waiting a couple more weeks to see if it heals further, but if it’s still getting sore during stimulation, you might want to show it to a doctor to ensure it’s not something more serious (not sure what it could be, though, really). Would it be possible to take a photo of the area you’re talking about and post it in the Picture forum? People often get better advice there when other posters can see what they’re talking about.

Did it go away? And was it on part of the shaft with hair? Had you recently shaved some hair?

I had an ingrown hair or folliculitus but mine was all the way between the legs. It got progressively more painful, until I HAD to go to the doctor. It was extremely painful to the touch and had become infected on the inside. I had to take antibiotics. The doc also recommended a warm compress. He said sometimes after shaving a hair can grow back into the skin and this causes the problem. I had trouble believing the amount of pain I had was caused by a single hair becoming infected, but I was also mildly relieved as my imagination was working in overdrive.

It is most likely a sebaceous cyst caused by a clog in the gland inside the pore that produces sebum (a white smelly secretion that keeps skin elastic). The seabum cannot escape through the clogged pore and in some cases it gets trapped in the underlying epidermal layer. It’s a lot like a pimple that is beneath the surface That’s what the bump is. Occasionally the thing can get infected and swell up but most of the time it’s benign. If it bothers you, you can see a doctor/dermatologist to have it removed. It’s not a very invasive procedure. It just involves a small incision to remove the cyst. Recovery in about a week and a half.

Grr, I too am struggling with an ingrown hair. I stopped all PE about five days ago, thought it healed (the “pimple” looked subsided enough) then went back to PE yesterday.

Today the damned zit is back, about the same size as it was three days ago. Does popping it help or hurt healing? I already popped it again.


If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

Two schools of thought on this one. I am a popper and if it is an ingrown hair, once popped, I can usually see the hair and pull it out with tweezers. Then a little Neosporin and it heals pretty quickly.

I have never tried it, but some recommend rubbing in some Neosporin after shaving to help prevent the ingrown hairs.

For hair removal, shaving can cause irritation/ingrown hairs. I’ve had good results using a product called Magic hair removal cream. It was found in the hair care section of my local drug store.

They have it at Walgreens. Link:…0&id=prod352799

Thanks for the info.

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

I had a lump like this at the base of my shaft and suspected it was an in-growing hair, but like yours it developed no head and would not burst. After a couple of weeks it appeared to elongate to the length of about a centimetre and a half. Then a small head began to appear on the upper tip and I could just make out the tip of a hair, so out came the tweezers and I gave it a pull…… my horror this hair was long and attached to the lower tip of my swelling. In the end I had to tug really hard and pull this hair out of it’s root under the skin and then through this tunnel that had formed. Needles to say the pressure subsided and the tunnel has begun to heal. Very strange ?:: \

Is there a way to stop ingrown hairs?

I might suggest that you may have a herpes outbreak. A pimple on your shaft is less likley than a herpes sore, which would look like an ingrown pimple.

Originally Posted by baywatch
I might suggest that you may have a herpes outbreak. A pimple on your shaft is less likely than a herpes sore, which would look like an ingrown pimple.

I assume you are referring to Naughtyby’s post on the top that was posted in 2004. Sorry to restart this thread.

I am quite sure mine was a zit, however because it happened right after I had shaved.

On another note, can you just get herpes (out of the blue?) without any sexual contact?


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