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Trauma Injury 3 months littleno improvement

Trauma Injury 3 months littleno improvement


About 3 and a half months ago I injured my penis while masturbating. Basically just pulling too hard and not being completely erect (stupid).

I noticed 2 raised ridges on the shaft, they wrap around it, and are most visible while flaccid. While flaccid they will often become irritated and have a weird sort of itchy/painful sensation, and will become much more noticeable. Other times they are not visible but can still be felt with finger. They definitely feel to be on top of, but attached to the shaft, they arent mobile.

It seems to get worse after exercising or even getting up too fast. I have stopped masturbating, but will wake up during the night with pain/irritation. I have never done PE.

Please help.

Hi Processeur, I think you should upload a pic of your penis otherwise we can’t figure out what you are speaking of.

How can I upload a pic?

Not sure if you’ll be able to see what I mean.

Attached Images
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Ok, they would appear to be most similar to “connective pillar tissues” in the series of pictures . The problem is that they are painful and swell frequently, and such connective tissue ridges were not noticed before. So damaged connective tissue? Something to do with the nerves and tissues? I have also heard about sclerosing lymphatic or something. The shapes seem too uniform to be vein thrombosis.

I am of course hoping this does not develop into Peyronie, but really the pain/irritation is the worse part. I do not feel I can live long term like this - it really makes me sympathize with people with arthritis and chronic pain - though this pain not typical pain, it upsets your stomach like testicular trauma.

If you compare the two pictures I uploaded with a bright screen, you might be able to see what I’m referring to. The area with the watermark is not swollen, the two areas circled are where the raised ridges are.

Wait - in the pictures you listed the picture with the “connective tissue pillars” It says cavernosa “rips” is that an injury in the pictures? The one wearing the metal device.

Bro, I cant see anything in those pics. Does it feels like like hard, stinging chords? Then they could be thrombosed veins.

If you had damaged the tunica albuginea, you should have hematoma and swelling in that area. Anyway you should search for direct examination from an urologist, you can’t trust diagnosis over the Internet.

Originally Posted by Processeur

Wait - in the pictures you listed the picture with the “connective tissue pillars” It says cavernosa “rips” is that an injury in the pictures? The one wearing the metal device.

No no injury there.

I have gone to my doctor twice, he said he could not tell me what it was, and he has referred me to a urologist, but they take months to get into where I live. My appointment isn’t until December (and I went to the doctor in September). The second time I went to him because the pain was intense and I had pain between my legs developed. He gave me antibiotics, because he thought I might have a prostate infection (not related to the shaft problems) but I had a wet dream that night and ejaculated an enormous amount, and no pain between the legs in the morning. Can stopping masturbation cause a build up of pressure and discomfort in that area initially?

Is there any way to prevent further damage/irritation happening to the genitals over night? It is worrying that by not masturbating, one is more likely to end up rubbing against the mattress or something in the middle of the night without knowing it.

I appreciate your advice.

What I don’t understand, is this: you just have discomfort, or you have severe pain? Does it hurts when you touch your penis?

The ribs are normal and it’s unlikely that the problem is there. Stopping masturbation isn’t going to hurt, you’ll have night woods if you are a healthy subject, masturbation or no.

The ribs are present when flaccid and they were not before. If I touch the ribs they hurt and become very inflamed. Getting up out of a chair can cause my legs to rub against these ribs, causing them to start the burning/itchy/painful sensation. The ribs have a light color under the skin, not dark like a vein or bruise.

So the sensations range from nothing, to mild irritation, to sever pain usually several times throughout the day.

Sounds like some kind of inflamation. Even if you torn the tunica in that area, after three months it should be healed. Sorry but I can’t guess what you have, you’ll have to wait for the urologist and maybe even for some exams. I never heard of anything similar.

Processeur - I’ve been dealing with the same injury for about 4 months now, this thread is the first time I’ve seen something online that sounded similar. Mine also happened while masturbating a bit too hard while I wasn’t entirely erect, and I’ve also noticed a raised ridge on the shaft that I hadn’t seen before. It’s most prominent on one side of the shaft, and while flaccid. I’ve also woken up to that side of my penis hurting, which I’m guessing is from having erections during my sleep. Have you found out what this is yet?

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