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Torn Frenulum HELP

Torn Frenulum HELP

Ok during intercourse I ripped part of my stopper. What should I do go see a doctor or treat it myself?

Whats a stopper?

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The skin that connects the top of you penis to the uncircumcised skin

The Frenulum after a fast search

Could one of the Canadian moderators translate this from Canadian English to US English? What exactly is his stopper?

Never mind, you guys are fast!

If you have medical coverage I would go to the doc because any time you tear your penis that is a bad thing.

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I would see a doctor.

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I thought you were fucking a wine bottle |-{ :smack:

Yup, go see a doctor, and let us know how it goes.

Canam, moved the thread here (injury forum) and retitled it for the attention it deserves.

Originally Posted by kingpole
I would see a doctor.

Jesus just looking at your gains, that’s brilliant have to congratulate you on that.

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