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Topical treatments

Topical treatments

OK guys,

You ask, “what can I apply to my penis to aid in recovery? There are several options.


Vitamin E



Vitamin K cream

Complete Tissure Repair Oil

OK so if you injury a ligament from hanging or stretching then if you see my other thread “When you get injuries” you will see I advocate frozen peas. Apply for 20 minutes and wait at least 2 hours before another session. After the ice, and anytime, you can apply two main things. One option is Arnica mixed with MSM, and later on clean and use DMSO. You can alternate between these if you like. I get MSM in capsule form and put half or more of a capsule in the palm of my hand and a dab of Arnica and blend into a paste and apply. For DMSO I get it in a roll on applicator which works great, but always make sure the area is clean because it penetrates the area and if dirty then the bacteria and dirt will penetrate beneath the skin. I tried creams with glucosamine and stuff, but they have an ingredient which burns and is painful.

For lateral injuries especially bruises from jelqing, ulies and squeezes you can use Arnica as well. Arnica can be found in health food stores and is a homeopathic remedy. You have to apply often. It is supposed to aid in strains, sprains and bruises.
For vascular type injuries, capillaries etc., I like to use vitamin K cream. It is for toning down redness, minimizing the appearance of broken blood vessels, heal bruises faster, and even the dark circles under eyes. I use a cream that includes horse chestnut, clendula and bioflavonoids. It is from JASON and called “Vitamin K Cream Plus for skin” and can be found in health food and vitamin stores. So sometimes I apply this to the upper shaft and Arnica to the base and ligs. Another soothing application that I used to use but don’t now is, “Complete Tissue Repair Oil” from It is a mixture of many things such are roots and bark. If you want the ingredience just ask and I will write it all out.

For skin problems you can use all the above or Vitamin E oil. It helps with stretch marks and stress from skin stretch. I actually use it when I wrap. I put on the uliwrap and then apply the oil and a rice sock for half the time (10 minutes). It aids in the stretching of skin.

So what about you guys? If you can think of something to share then speak up.


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If you use MSM frequently, buying the powder is cheaper than using capsules. I bought a whole Kg of MSM powder for $40 and mix it into a cream or lotion.

(1Kg is A LOT but they don’t sell it in a smaller package).

I use it for any joint pain, overworked muscles, bruises etc - in fact all members of the family benefited from it at one time or another.

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now, this may sound like a telltale, but rawhoney has the power to heal. not the one you get at the food store, but unfiltered and unheated RAW.

1. stop pulling your penis, forget your penis exists. FIND AN ACTIVITY other then PENIS PULLING, PENIS enlarging, PENIS this and PENIS that, give it a rest.

2. eat one small spoon of raw honey before every meal.

3. apply some warm honey on your sore areas every day for as long as you can.

This is not a Miracle cure in one day, but rather a gradual process, but it works. I have personaly tired it on cuts, burns, bruises, fractured bones with 100 % success.

following is just one page confirming honeys healing, there are thousands out there.…172.honey.shtml

Baccart, what you say is sound advice and also has Biblical attestation, whether that matters to anyone or not. Nice suggestion.

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