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To Correct A Bent Penis

To Correct A Slightly Bent Penis

Okay, this has been discussed a million times before but has always been jumped around, and never really resolved.

Well, I’ve been trying something to correct a slight bend and it seems to work.

What I do is get semi-erect (about 40-50% but try it out on your own, alter to what suits best), grip the base of your cock tightly as you would a cock ring (which will make the erection a little harder), and *pull* your semi-erection in the direction opposite to that of the bend. ie. If your cock swings right, pull left. Vice versa.

It is similar to a directional bend, but you pull out and to the left or out and to the right, rather than just bending left or right. Catch my drift? You’ll notice that when you try it, you feel it working out the region in question much better than just a bend. Almost like a stretch-bend.

You’ll notice the bend superficially straightening almost instantly when you release it, and I’m certain that with time, it will be longer lasting. So far its worked for my slight bend like a charm.

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It also helps to tuck it in your pants after you pee to the opposite side you usually put it. Seriously, I always tuck mine to the left cause I’m right handed so it naturally curves left. Now I switch off sides to keep it straight. Works for me anyway. :)


It seems that on the side that your penis bent there are some scar tissues (that can also induce PERONIES DISEASE), I have read that you have to take out these peronies tissues massaging your penile with some good cream with viatmin E, maybe also with lipoic acid, vitamin A…….MSM cream and gel ( is cheap and has a lot of good skin product.


Somehow I dont think the two are connected, nice advert though!


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Penile curves are due to a deformity (be that a weak spot, thinner tissue, actual scars or whatever) of the tunica albuginea which is the tough tissue layer surrounding the corpora cavernosa (CC). Topical application of potions and creams will not correct these deep tissue problems. Each curve is different and is there because of a different reason. There is no one general solution. Each guy has to examine his curve and determine the best way to fix it. Semi-erect stretches, jelqing against the curve, getting erect in a restraint (like a tube), or surgery are all things to be considered. But creams and lotions won’t do it.

I have a lot of experience with Peyronie’s disease. If anyone wants info let me know..

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I think that a curve can also be caused by unequal lig tension and/or other tissues. I agree with West that creams and lotions are bunk. The following is a quote from an earlier post of mine:

Even before I received my Bib hanger 2 weeks ago, I knew that the load would be felt on my right side. I have a slight curve to the right when erect, while holding my penis straight out. However, this curve is not noticeable when the erect penis is straight up. With a partial erection, say 75%, I can bend my penis more easily to the right than the left. Also, as I twist my erect penis, the pivot point at the pubic area is on the top, right side.

When mine gets hard there is a curve at the right, and it sort of tilts to the left. I thought it was because of jacking off using my right hand.

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