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Tiny holes in my dick :(

Tiny holes in my dick :(

Hello guys,

Just wanted to ask if anyone here experienced something similar to me? For the past 1-2 years occaisionally, I’d get these tiny holes in my penis. They are quite deep and very painful. So bad that they prevent me from sex or PE. These even happen when I don’ t pe or masturbate. I went to the doctor’s and he said it’s some sort of fungi infection etc, he told me to buy canesten thrush and treat it with it. I guess it works but only temporairly as the problem returns at least every other month. I though it migh be because the skin is too small for my dick after pe? I asked the doc if perhaps I need circumcision for adults, he said definetly not. What do you guys think, anyone can comment, relate. Perhaps you hjave a soultion.

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Maybe a double tap from your pet viper? :shrug: :)

If your Doc’s fungi treatment works, stick with that. It is not because your skin is too tight after PE. You might try using powder after your shower to help keep things dry. Better yet use an anti-fungal powder like Desenex or Lotrimin. Yes, they say they are for athletes foot, but they work for jock itch and all fungal infections. And easy to use regularly so it won’t come back again.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Pinocchio had the same issue. But he’s problem was getting blow jobs from white ants.

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How it all started in the first place ? Did you administer PGE 1 or any other form of prostaglandins? I hope the doctor’s diagnosis is correct and it heals soon.

Your doc said fungal infection, which is a viable possibility.
Urology is only an area of interest to me and not within my scope of practice, but I am a medical professional.

Multiple studies have very clearly shown that epithelial tissue [which is basically what all the skin is] grows when exposed to mechanical stretching. So, your penis, which includes connective tissue that doesn’t grow as easily, isn’t going to grow fast enough to stretch the skin beyond what it can handle. The skin will grow to accommodate your gains faster than you can gain it.

It’s only been a couple weeks, so give the fungal treatment a try.

Pay extra attention to washing and rinsing the foreskin. In addition retract it to let air and light get to the area throughout the day when you can. If there’s two things candida albicans hates, it’s airflow and light exposure.

Then, once it clears up, I’d consider continuing to use a topical anti-fungal for a while, to prevent recurrence.

I think he’s dead

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