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Tingling sensation on my finger tips after stretching

Tingling sensation on my finger tips after stretching

I’ve been doing some serious hard flaccid stretches and my fingers tips on my left hand have a tingling sensation that won’t go away. I usually hold a stretch for 30-60 seconds using my left hand. I do a lot of reps and my stretches last for 30 minutes each night. I’ve been resting my hand for one week now, and it hasn’t gone away. Is this corpol tunnel syndrome? My fingers do not feel numb and I can make a strong grip with no problem. I have no discoloration problems on my hand. The fingers that are affected are: my thumb, index, middle, and ring finger. My pinky is fine. Has anyone have this problem before? What’s a good idea to make this tingling sensation go away?

It might not be stricly PE related. Try Googling: fingertips tingling sensation

I already did and it comes up to be something like corpol tunnel syndrome. I’m 99% positive it’s from stretching, because the way I handle my left hand while gripping my head is very tight; plus I use my right hand over my left for a better stronger grip. I think this is what caused this sensation problem.

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