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Thurmbrosed Vein

Thurmbrosed Vein

When I began peing I noticed my veins became larger and more noticeable specifically the two veins on the sides of my shaft lately I’ve been getting worried in not sure if I have a thurmbrosed vein or if this is just normal, how can I determine if I have a thurmbrosed vein? My routine consists of hanging and light jelqing afterwards as well as warming up and down. I also use Evo oil occasionally but not too often because it’s harsh on the skin.

If you had a problem you wouldn’t be wondering if you had one.

Thrombosed Vein

Hi. It certainly is possible that you have clogged lymphatic vessel. Did you basically notice this come from out of nowhere? Does it course along the side of the shaft and wrap around up to the head, and is most notable when erect? This is fairly uncommon, but does happen and actually did happen to me about 8 months ago. At the time, I hadn’t even began any PE related stuff, nor was I mad whacking. I really have no clue what started it. It feels weird and the vessel rock hard all the way down especially with and erection, but was not really “painful”, just felt weird. If this describes you, not to worry my friend, it will eventually go away. Every source I read said to lay of sexual activity and stuff for a month or so (yeah right) lol, and said it should go away in a few weeks. Mine took close to 4 months before mine was totally cleared up. I started to wonder if it was ever going to go away and decided to just think of it as being ‘ribbed’ for her pleasure, haha. My advice I guess would be to lay off pumping for sure, and probably even jelqing until it resolves, which could take a few months. Hope this was helpful?

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