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Thrombosis (clots) of the Penis Lymph Vessles

Thrombosis (clots) of the Penis Lymph Vessles

Has anyone had any experience with this? (Penis Lymph Vessel Thrombosis - clots).

I guess my PE schedule was a little too hard core and i’ve developed clots in my lymph vessels in my penis… They are hard BB like tubes that are not veins.

If you had them, how long did they take to go away, were your painful (mine are at times, but most of the time they are painless).

I read the best thing to do was to take a break and they can take up to a month or two to go away.

Just looking to see what experience you guys have with these.

What exercise (or mix of exercises) do you think caused this?

I’m not 100% sure….but mainly hanging . Although I did clamp the other day to help get an erection while I was taping my glans for hanging, and it seems to me it was after the clamping… but what difference does it make?

I’m trying to find out what to do about it long term.

HI Everyone,

I’ve been reading a lot up on Thrombosed Veins and Lymphoceles (the name for clogged lymph vessels.)

First of all, lymph vessels can GET CLOGGED FROM STRESS. I think people who want to help who decide to try and scare people with thrombosed veins and that they’re going to die, etc… are actually stressing people out and exacerbating the problem.

Secondly, no one is God here and we all have different reactions, but thrombosed lymph vessels go away from everything that I read.

Interesting to note, that online I read that the lymph system, unlike the heart, does not have a pump. So circulation for this system is done through BEING CALM and exercising, particularly jumping on a trampoline! :) They say that the repetitive up and down bouncing helps to keep the system working normallly. I have been jumping rope (as I used to do workouts with them long ago) just for this reason.

Also, getting a massage is good for your overall lymph circulation and I think it’s obvious for anyone that’s done a search on clogged lymph vessels that massaging it speeds recovery.

That’s my two cents. Stop freaking people out. Stress CAUSES injuries.

Although, I have a clogged vessel from clamping and will post later on my recovery.

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