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thrombosed veins question (IMPORTANT)

thrombosed veins question (IMPORTANT)

I would like to know if the blod clots in the thrombosed veins (in the penis) may enter in the circulations and reach the brain or the lung. Whatdo you know about it ?
Does always thrombosed vains in the penis stay there till they heal ?

thank you all


You are safe.....

I’ve done a fair bit of research into the whole thrombus question and a thrombus in a superficial vein - like on your penis, has virtually no chance of getting into your system. So it is almost impossible for a thrombosed vein in your penis to give you an embolism. This is reserved for thrombi in your deep veins (in the legs for example).

So no worries on the penis thrombus (except it will put you out of pe action for a while)

See Ya,



thank you a lot, I was a little upset…

now I’m preparing for a new penis !

In theory they can. It ‘s called aneurysm

Ps :) after 8 years he could be dead or gained 10 inches.I will never know.

There is evidence that suggests that small thrombi (clots) in superficial veins can embolize, but they are so small that they are clinically silent when they do.

Thrombi in the deep veins of the pelvis can result in clinically significant and even fatal pulmonary emboli, in addition to clots in the deep veins of the lower extremities. Sometimes a clot in the superficial veins of the thigh near the groin, can propagate (grow) and extend into the deep veins draining the leg. It is conceivable that a clot in the superficial veins of the penis could extend into the deep pelvic veins this way.

I suspect this would only happen in someone with a blood-clotting disorder (hypercoagulable state), and I don’t know if it has ever been reported.

An aneurysm is a dilated vessel (almost always an artery, not a vein). It has nothing to do with a venous thrombosis and doesn’t result from a venous thrombosis.

The first question should be: how do you know you have a thrombosed vein?

Many men here self-diagnose themselves with this problem without showing any symptoms associated with the condition.

If you look at a cross section diagram of the penis (found on google or wikipedia) there is a deep vein in the penis, called the deep dorsal vein. If that was to clot, could that be a potentiel embolism threat?

It depends on the precise location of the vein - it could theoretically be an embolism threat, but definitely only to the lungs, not to the brain (if that’s any solace). Barring a few rare conditions, such as a septal defect in the heart, venous circulation has to pass through the lungs first, which should “catch” most emboli.

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