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Thrombosed Veins and hanging anybody?


Yeh, thanks for the reply. I initially wanted to start a new thread but I guess I don’t have enough posts yet((

Thank you)

Originally Posted by Levko
I didn’t know where to post but this seems the most fitting thread. It’s possible that I’ve missed a similar topic so If somebody could refer me to it, I would appreciate that greatly.

I’ve been reading “thunders” and doing PE for quite a while. The problem that I have appeared early in my journey and persisted until now, however recently it became a “dead-end” factor. I only hang, and I would think I hang gently, but no matter how many factors I play with, no matter how careful and persistent I am I still get a swollen dick after 2-3(20 minute each) sessions of hanging. This swelling makes the following sessions(I try to manage at least 5-6 sessions to reach 2 hours a day) very problematic, sometimes impossible. The veins become inflated and dick itself gradually becomes sort of soft and spongy. It also prolongs my PE time to a ridiculous 7-8 hours, because I have to wait an hour or more between sessions for the dick to “deflate” to become “hangable”. Out of those 7 hours I only manage to hang for 1.5-2 if I am lucky.What a waste of time, and inefficiency!( It also effects my next day of hanging, often forces me to take breaks(which is not good since ligaments get stronger), because swelling persists to the next day making my dick look more massive(which is good) but at the same time making it impossible to “deflate” it to an acceptable state for hanging, no matter how long and how creatively I try to draw blood out of it.
I think one explanation could be that I never gave my penis enough time to heal and therefore one stress on my veins is followed after another without a full recovery. However I don’t see how it is possible to completely avoid swelling, because even after long breaks it returns as soon as I start hanging. I don’t like to miss days and to be unproductive, PE became sort of a absolutely-need-to-do things on my day-list( I hope you understand me guys). To summarize: I feel very ineffective and discouraged since my ligaments don’t get an appropriate stretch because my penis’s circulatory systems gives up first.

So my question to you is : Am I only one who is limited in the amount of hanging because of the circulatory system issues in the penis and If somebody had the same problem, how one overcame it? Thank you for reading, for I know everyone’s time is valuable.

What you’re describing is more of an overall swelling, not a localized persistent patch associated with a thrombosed vein. Do you tend to get similar puffiness from other forms of PE? I agree starting a new thread about your situation would be best.

Originally Posted by hobby
What you’re describing is more of an overall swelling, not a localized persistent patch associated with a thrombosed vein. Do you tend to get similar puffiness from other forms of PE? I agree starting a new thread about your situation would be best.

Thanks for the reply. I did start my own thread and also posted in 2 other threads, that I think are related to the problem. Unfortunately I didn’t have a single answer. I only concentate on hanging now, but when I did jelquing swelling was present but minor and it never interfered with my sessions. I use Bib’s starter and put it very far from the head, as far as I can - because if I follow “1 inch behind the glands” rule I get pain in the head.

The only solution I can think of is to take more then 2 days off to get rid of this puffiness. However I don’t understand the the mechanics behind this chronic micro-injury and therefore I am confused about my future PE.

Just an update….things really haven’t gotten any better, although I have stopped all forms of PE for about a month. However, I haven’t been too good about laying off the masturbation. I was doing it about once a day. Now about every other day. I”m trying to get to the point where I masturbate just once a week. This is tough!

Anyway I think I might be going to a Dr. soon; I do want to get a professional opinion. I’m starting to think I may have a type of Peyronie’s or Mondors because the ‘veins’ I speak of I do not think at this point are veins. I think they are something lymph related or could possibly be scar tissue. They are cord-like like a vein though.

Anyway, just an update for now.

Another update….

I have a doctor’s appointment on 3/17 to get a professional opinion. Also, I was reading up on good old Wikipedia and stumbled upon this:

“Lymphangiosclerosis is a hardened lymph vessel, although it can feel like a hardened, almost calcified or fibrous, vein. It tends not to share the common blue tint with a vein however. It can be felt as a hardened lump or “vein” even when the penis is flaccid, and is even more prominent during an erection. It is considered a benign physical condition. It is fairly common and can follow a particularly vigorous sexual activity for men, and tends to go away if given rest and more gentle care, for example by use of lubricants.”

This describes my symptoms fairly well. I guess I’ll find out what the doctor says in a few weeks. I’m think it is on of the 3:


Right now I’m hoping it is the last one, and this seems most similar to what I’m experiencing.

Okay, just got back from the Doctor’s office. His diagnosis is that I have a Thrombosis. He said I just need to take it easy and be gentle on my unit with sex and masturbation and also a good idea to cut down the masturbation amount and frequency. I’m shooting for about once every other day or less, we’ll see, :) .

Also I brought in my Bib hanger to show him to help explain to him the things I was doing. He wasn’t really surprised at the apparatus but said he had never really encountered anyone using something like that, or if he did they never told him.

He said pretty much to go easy on myself, no PE, and in about 6 months it should clear up. Obviously PE is out the window for now, but I plan on coming back after I’ve made a full recovery. This time I will stick to Jelqs and stretches. I will try hanging again but not for a while, there were a few things that I was doing at the time which led to my injury, I feel.

Furthermore, about the thrombosis, he stated that the vein basically closed itself off and filled with scar tissue. He said in time the hardness of the vein will diminish and it will soften. The penis just reroutes the blood.

You got some really good uro.

Another update.

It seems the two main veins, especially the big on on the Dorsal right-side near the base of the penis, have really diminished over the last few days. I can still slightly feel them with an erection but they have definitely subsided. I do, however, have two little veins on the underside of if my shaft closer to the head. These are still there, and I still notice them from time to time, but they aren’t quite as bad either. I’m laying off all forms of PE until well after these clear up. I”m hoping by September I can’t get into the Newbie Program, and work with that for awhile.




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