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Thrombosed vein?

Thrombosed vein?

I have been peing for 3 years and never had this problem. After a intense jelqing session last night I noticed a line on the top right side of my unit that is about 2 inches long and feels kind of like a flat string of pearls. It doesn’t hurt, and it moves around like a vein, but it isn’t blue in color. Tonight it is still there and my shaft is slightly swollen on the right side just below the line. I have never experienced this before and wonder if any one thinks this might be a thrombosed vein?


That’s a good description of a thrombosed vein.


From what I have read on the subject I guess it will be ok with time. I just didn’t know about the swelling below it, and if it might be a circulation problem. Kind of freaky!


Is the shaft itself swollen or the skin around the vein? Most thrombosed veins I’ve had were accompanied by localized skin swelling over the vein.

I’ve had that string of pearls you describe. Other veins had a more solid, uniform clog.

Not sure, but it could be. I have what you describe but it’s been there for some months now. It dosen’t hurt at all but is noticable when I get an erection or doing rather intense jelks. Now I only jelk around 40- 50% erect. Didn’t have swelling though.

Just wondering, when doing your jelking sessions, are you say 80- 100% erect? Cause that’s what brought mine on I’m sure. After reading some post here at Thunders I discovered that you can cause truma to the penis if too much stress is placed on it over a period of time.

At one time I was jelking at 100% or almost 100% erect. Didn’t want to wait for the erection to subside, that’s most likely when it occured.

Don’t know what to tell ya, hopefully some of the vets will chime in with more experience than I on the subject.


Question for anyone,

Can a thrombosed vein hinder future gains? I’ve often wondered if this could be a problem. Some times the left side of my member seems to be shorter or tighter than the right side.



I have been jelqing 80 to 90 percent erect since about a year into pe (not rock hard). I had just got done with a month break, and probably pushed myself to far.
Also Jelqing erect is a very tricky, you have to be very much in tune to whats going on, and I only do it after a good fluid build up. After 3 years I screwed up somehow, and got the thrombosed vein. It is really not recommended here because of the dangers!


>Can a thrombosed vein hinder future gains? I’ve often wondered if this could be a problem. Some times the left side of my member seems to be shorter or tighter than the right side.<

Superficial veins don’t affect blood flow to the chambers. A clogged vein shouldn’t harm gains apart from down time waiting for it to clear and heal.

1 quest,

Hopefully the vein will clear up with some time. Maybe a few days off to a week would help. I don’t think they actually hurt anything, just noticiable is all.

Hobby, thanks for the info. Glad to hear it dosen’t affect blood flow. I have learned my lesson in regard to jelking with erections.


So thrombosed veins are kinda like bloodclots? can’t you die from this?


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