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Thrombosed vein....


Thrombosed vein....

Questions for guys that have been unlucky enough to get a thrombosed vein.

Was it an immediate thrombosis? Or did it seem to gradually occur?

What symptoms did you notice first?

What exercise/routine were you doing at the point in time that you became aware of the problem?

Were you taking any circulation enhancing suppliments before the thrombosis?

What did you do to assist the healing process?

Did you go to a Doctor?

Do you have any links to information on this condition? If so, please post them.

Thanks for your time! I do not have a thrombosed vein, I am just curious about what guys have experienced. Also, info will come in handy for the next guy to have this happen to him.

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Who the hell knows what the hell this is ?

Since recently I noticed a hard sort of a ring jest beneath the corona of my head. I can especially feel it my foreskin is over my head but also without that I can feel it. It looks to hard to be a vain. Does anyone have this too or those anyone know what it is ?


Could be a vein. They will sometimes harden up when they are over-stressed. Try easing back on your routine and also massaging it out gently, using a lubricant. If it persists, stop PE for a few days. If it still persists, have a doctor check it out.

If you are talking about the “doughnut effect” that is a different issue. Search “doughnut” or “donut” here to learn about that.



Thrombosed Vein

Been there. It is a thrombosed vein. It will heal on its own. Back off the area for a week. Continue. If it comes back, stop for two weeks. Stretching and jelqing when too hard and too long in one session will bring this on. You overdid too early. It is important to go slow at first—about 4 months. You can lightly jelq, massage. Vitamin E is what the Dr’s will tell you to take. This area is exactly where mine and most others had the injury. I would not stop PE completely, the moderate work seems to make it heal faster. Whew, where was I when I needed this post?


Me, too.

When this happened to me I thought: What now? Varicose veins in my dick??

My location was the same as yours and JJJ’s, under-side of the head. Happens occasionally still. I just massage it out and move on, less vigorously. This first happened to me after 8 months of what I thought was careful jelking.




This has also occurred to me, probably due to over zealousness of jelquing and/or bib hanger usage. I stopped activities for about 5 days or so and everything cleared up. Have not had any trouble lately but I am also pursuing a more moderate course of action.


I have been to the doctor with my problem. No way it was a thrombosed vein. This would hurt realy bad and would result in a sort of stifnes of the penis since the blood could not get out. He thought it was a result of damage to one of the arteries and some internal bleeding but no way a thrombosed wein

He did not have any thing for making it heling faster appart from time. The feeling seems to have been gone aldo I didn’t put any pressure on it yet.

Have luck


I was jelqing too hard I guess when I suddenly noticed that bulge under the ridge of my dick on the left side.

It scared the shit out of me. I started to feel around in that area and felt a small little ball. I broke out into a sweat.

I stopped jelqing for about three days and noticed the bulge subsided quite a bit and the little round lump seems to have disappeared. phew.

The other posts regarding this problem was very helpful to me. Thanks guys.

I started my pe again but taking it a little slower now.


Several months ago I got a slightly thrombosed vein from jelqing, followed by a short period of clamping. Immediately I massaged it and began alternating between cold and hot wraps. After two sessions of treatment, it subsided

I have learned the following in terms of avoiding a thrombosed vein. Pay attention to your penis! Keep feeling it for unusual changes during a workout session. After a few minutes of serious girth work, etc., check for any lumps, hard veins, etc..

At the moment a lump or vein becomes even the least bit “hard” or different than usual, massage it and begin treating it with the hot and cold wraps.

On several occasions I felt as though a vein had been overworked and was at the point of injury, i.e., thrombosis. This method has calmed the storm every time.

Again, it is a matter of paying attention, and not overworking when at the point of injury.

I only take L-Arginine.

My $0.02.

>>Was it an immediate thrombosis? Or did it seem to gradually occur?


>>What symptoms did you notice first?

Hard vein, a little painful.

>>What exercise/routine were you doing at the point in time that you became
>>aware of the problem?

A ULI type expansion exercise after a couple of sets of hanging.

>>Were you taking any circulation enhancing suppliments before the


>>What did you do to assist the healing process?

Ibuprofen, aspirin.

>>Did you go to a Doctor?

Yes, he confirmed it was thrombosed and said it would eventually heal up or sclerose.

I thought I had a thrombus again recently but i think it was actually just a hardening of the vein slightly. I think thromboses are pretty difficult to diagnose unless you have one of those bloodflow doohickeys.

See Ya,


I think I have a thrombosed vein. I have to be careful not to “set it off.” When I was 19 I tried Tom Hubbard’s tape stretching device. I pulled on my skin and stretched a vein I think. I’ve pulled and jelqed and have had it bulge and stiffen. This has only happened twice. The first time it took a couple days of massage and warm baths to heal. The second time it happened was during a manual stretch. It was like I caught it early, massaged it immediately and it went away. It seems as though you get a blood clot or something.

Hoping and Praying

I got a thrombosed vein and it wasn’t even from PE. Or if it was from PE it took a helluva long time to come out. Mine was in the same place as others mentioned- just under the head. It would harden and form a ridge that didn’t hurt directly but if I aggravated it enough it would start to get sore.

I’m thinking my case happened as a result of sex with my girlfriend. She must’ve bent me the wrong way or something.

It took about 2 weeks to go away, I just tried not to aggravate it too much in that time.

hi guys,

wondering if you could help.
I’ve had a t-vein for 3 months now, tried everything, hot and cold soaks, aspirin, ibuprofen, hirudoid.

Whats my plan of attack now?

Im at a loss, I really dont know what to do.
I mean I know what will happen if I go to the doctors. That will be my last thing I do after I’ve waited it out for 6 months.
As I’ve heard other people say this time frame should be enough for the vein to heal.

Is there any other supps I could take, or well anything else i could do.

Im so determined to get back into PE.

any help appreciated.

Why wait? Let a physician exam it now.

If you have been treating it with warm wraps and ibuprofen and it hasn’t gotten better in three months, waiting another three won’t help. If you wait too long it might require a surgical correction. The case report summary linked to in the previous sentence was for a man with Mondor’s disease of the penis. Since you aren’t getting better you might* have that diagnosis. The only way to know for sure is to see a doctor.

* I am not a physician and cannot make a diagnosis based on a text report of symptoms. My use of specific disease names is a result of research on the subject and should not be taken as a definite statement of your condition.


My problem was right behind the glans on the right side. It was really, really hard in two places. I took niacin for maybe 3 days. Then I soaked in a very warm bath each night, about the third night I soaked in the bath, I massaged it under water and the hardness went away. So I think I just cleared a blood clot.

Hoping and Praying

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