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Thrombosed Vein treatment

Thrombosed Vein treatment

I just recently got a thrombosed vein. The original plan was to ignore it and continue PE since I have read in many places that it is not dangerous. However, I realized that I have become conscious of it and as a result not performing exercises properly. According to the threads I have read, it takes on average about 2 months to heal if it does not go away in a couple of days. The problem is that I didn’t know that I had this issue. I have had this vein at least for 3 months.
I originally thought I got this from jelqs that I did with my right hands to fix a bend. I looked into my logs and found that about 3 months ago, I had sex with a really tight condom in Montreal. I had just came out of a relationship and had not fucked for a month. This was about the time that I started PE and I was so proud of myself for not fitting my old condoms that I wrote it down in my logs. I think that is what caused my thrombosed vein. The vein is huge and it shows even when my pines is not erect.
My recovery routine right now includes:
1) NO PE or jelqs
2) Heat pads….6 set of 15 min throughout the day
3) ibuprofen 400mg dose…I am switching this Aspirin. According to Wiki, it does not stop COX-1 which I know from biochemistry is responsible for platelet aggregation
4) no sex/ masturbation
5) drink lots of water

I will add pictures of the injury later. It might be a lymph vessel. If anyone has any advice, please let me know. If it is a lymp vessel, I will stop taking the aspirin.

Thrombosed veins, uncommon in the penis, are hard, hot, red and painful. If you don’t have those symptoms you probably don’t have a thrombosed vein.

If the vein is just enlarged, that’s normal for guys doing PE exercises.

It is just one vein. It is not painful but it is enlarged. All my other veins are much smaller. According to the anatomy pics I have seen there is another vein running parallel to this one on the other side of my pines. I can not see that vein. The vein is visible even When I am flaccid.

Enlarged veins do develop if you do PE exercises. It’s a normal occurrence. The penis (not pines) has one major vein that drains most of the blood. That’s probably the one you see and the one that is enlarged. Enlarged veins are not something to be overly concerned about.

So your are saying that as long as it is not red and painful, I am fine?

Thanks for the correction.

If you’re not in pain and doing PE exercises does not cause pain or problems, then you’re not in trouble. Bigger veins are normal with PE exercises.

Cool! thanks Westla.

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