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Thrombosed Vein (?) Help Me Out

Thrombosed Vein (?) Help Me Out

Feel free to move this to injurys if you must, I don’t have enough post to post in there.

Well, about a month and a half ago my dick started to get sore right under the head on the bottom left side. I looked all around this site but couldn’t find anything similar to this problem. Just about 5 minutes ago I got a boner and felt that area and could feel a little string/buldge sticking out. Nothing really looks like a vein, but that is the only thing I think it could be. Well I am worried because it has been sore for some time now, Ill give it a week off, masturbate a couple times and it will become really sore again. This has been my week cycle for the past month at least. It sometimes hurts when I do a kegel when I have a hard erection too. If this is a thrombosed vein, do I just have to wait it out? Or are their ways I can help it heal. I heard of massaging it, but not too sure how to do that (if someone could explain a little better that would help.) Am I screwed for a while because I kept aggravating it since I initially did it? I know I need to stop masturbating because it kills after I do, but for the last month I have had trouble keeping away from it. PLEASE help me out, I am a little nervous. Please don’t give me any links to the injury forum because I have been all through their reading about it, but couldn’t really find the answers I want.

I need to get past this obstacle so I can start up P.E. Again and get a bigger dick!!


You need to take time off. One of two things will most likely happen:
1. It will go away, but the area may remain prone to such an injury
2. It will persist but become less painful as the thrombosed vein slowly dies off

I had something similar form when I began PE 5 years ago…and it still remains.

Dorsal vein injury

strange injury

Thanks for the reply. The thing I am most worried about is I still have very noticeable pain, sometimes even sharp pains every now and then. Hurts right after I masturbate, then the pain will decrease in about a week, but definitely still there. Then my dumbass will masturbate again and bring the pain right back to where I started. Am I making it worse. I’m going to try to not touch my penis for as long as possible. So frustrating.

The thread title should have a question mark (?) since you aren’t sure about what kind of injury this is. Once again, and this has been posted a dozen times, thrombosed veins are hard, hot, painful and the skin over them is red. They do not come and go, but are constant until resolved. This does not sound like a thrombosed vein.

The glans (head) is separate from the two main erectile tubes (corpora cavernosa) in the shaft. It is attached by a triangular ligament. You may have torn this ligament during manual stretches.

Give yourself a rest, as advised, for a couple weeks. If masturbation aggravates the injury, be strong enough to not do that while you let your penis rest.

Yea I thought I did put a question mark, but yea I’m not too sure what exactly it is cause I couldn’t find any injuries similar to it (thrombosed vein was the closest). I can only visibly see a vein like bulge when I have an erection. Besides that it looks a little red and feels a little mushy? Around the area. Well, I hope your right about the couple weeks thing. Should I massage it? I am going to try to heat the area as much as I can.

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