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Thrombosed Vein Dangerous?

Thrombosed Vein Dangerous?

I have searched thru a bunch of the threads and did find the answer so Please forgive me if I missed it………

If you get a Thrombosed vein, since it is a clotting of the blood in a vein, can it be dangerous and break loose and cause a stroke or anything like that?

Thank you


Good question. I think I may have one right now so I will be following this thread as well.

Apparently there is no danger of a stroke from a thrombosed superficial vein in the penis. The danger is from a deep vein thrombosis.

Which is a good thing because I have had so many thrombosed veins in my penis I would have died long ago :)
Do you have a Thrombosis VVC?

Vincent and seys, read post 17 by memento in this thread regarding DVT.

The whole thread is worth a read also.


Yeah, I developed a pretty good one this week on my left side. Damn! And I was on a roll too! I pretty much know when I hurt it also. I was jelqing in the shower and decided to squeeze all the way over the head instead of stopping right before it. I did this for 20 minutes and afterwards I loved the swelling but I did not like the feeling the next morning. I know, I know, I am a dumb fuck! I think this put a lot of pressure on that spot and now an aching vein running right next to my glans. I’ve been doing the asprin and Ibuprophen thing and it has helped already. BTW, is it ok to edge or do some easy going type PE while healing from one of these?

Anyway, thanks for the replies guys. One question though. What do you mean deep vein Thrombosis? Are we talking about a main artery here. Do we even have any main veins in or penises.



No PE, max out heat treatment, drink water and tea, have omega 3 rich foods, etc-

I’m about 1 week into recovery as we speak. I’m still alive too.

Mine is not that bad. Today it is actually almost normal. I will give jelqing a break for a little and check it out in a couple of days. I will heat 2-3 times today. How long should you heat for?

Medium heat 20 mins, higher less lower more… All relative to fat, blood and what is medium. So just keep it up. Or heal so you can keep it up :D

Thanks for the sugesstions bam

Thanks everyone for the posts.


Yeah I’m also worried because this is part of the dorsal vein that I have thrombosed. And only a week out I’m worried that it won’t re-vascularise because it’s a good stretch of it that is hard, and quite blocked. But I’m not going to go out and have surgery or anything- just trust the body to do it’s thing. No PE or even sex at this stage- just healing and satifying the girl in other ways. She’s not complaining yet…

Where can I see a pic of a thrombosed vein?

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