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Thrombosed vein....

Have a T-vein I think.Noticed it 2 or 3 days ago.Did not feel it happen.It’s like hard string down the center and goes to the right and left like a ridge.The same path as the vein would.Stopped pe.Yes I was taking prosolution,and just noticed some gains in girth and lenght.Do not like this at all.I hope it goes away soon.

The t-vein looks and feels alot better.Immediately stopped all pe and left it alone.Also applied Badger rub.Still not back peing but will be soon.

Really was terrified.Thought I broken my cock for good.

Not sure if what I got is a T-Vein. Feels like small bb’s about an inch long, right side of mid-shaft. First notice it after first jelqing, although it does not hurt, it has scared the hell out of me. I have stopped all PE for about 2 weeks and so far it has not changed. Suggestions?

I had the same thing, I use Niacin. I stopped peing for about a week. Soaked in a warm bath every night after I took Niacin, and GENTLY massaged the bb’s. Finally…if felt as if they just vanished. I think its a blood clot that passes…or something to that effect.

Hoping and Praying

Why does everyone Else’s Thrombosed veins seem to clear so quickly?

I used Ibuprofen, Niacin, Nattokinase, Eroset oil, Hirudiod cream, warm wraps, Homoeopathic remedies and I still have hardened veins 23 weeks later.

Welp, it looks like I’m in the T-vein camp. I tried ignoring it and telling myself it was fine, but I think it’s time to face facts and start looking into getting rid of it!

I developed what I believe to be a thrombosed vein in 2002 when I started to get into hanging. Basically a hard, but not painful vein near the base on the right hand side. At the time, I took ibuprofen and stopped PE, hoping it would go away. Well, it did go away eventually, and did not appear during normal erections or sex or whatnot. However, as soon as I started PE again it came back. I also stopped PE from 2003-a few weeks ago, and like magic, it has reappeared, this being with my new routine that is only pumping/mild jelqing. I had performed jelqing alone for about a year with no thrombosis - it only appeared when I started hanging, but now it seems like it’s going to rear its ugly head whenever I apply much stress to it, so I’ve just decided to live with it. I mean shit, it doesn’t hurt, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to stop PE just because one annoying vein can’t take the heat. If it “scleroses” as someone mentioned, I’ll just have it removed in a few years if it’s truly beyond the point of repair.

Sex MacGyver, I also seem to have some “hard veins” from PE, except mine don’t completely go away ever, even with time off from PE. These “veins” (or whatever they are) never hurt or seem to affect my dick’s functionality, so I don’t worry about them. The urologist I saw said that there’d be pain if there was anything really wrong.

I, too, have had the unfortunate displeasure of getting one of these little bastards. As a newbie, I must say I was a little terrified at first (and by “a little,” I mean “completely.”) As I only discovered this great forum a few days ago, the thrombosed vein came BEFORE I found the site and before I read about the newbie routine and the proper way to do these exercises. I had only heard of PE, and never had the sack to ask how to do it. As a result, I exercised an erect unit and, as expected, got the thrombosed vein. I stopped right away, massaged in hot showers, and am nearly back to 100%. Can’t wait to really start giving this a (cautious) go when we’re all healed up. Thanks for the wealth of info!

- Juan Hunglow

Start (3/2006): BP 6.75 x 5.5; Overall Goal: BP 8.5 x 6.5

I have a thrombosed vein at the tip that runs down the shaft. It came and went a few times after PE about a year ago. Then it came back with a vengeance when I did some extreme (four clamps at once) clamping. It goes away if I lay off PE AND masturbation for a few days. The problem is trying to not touch your dick for that long takes a lot of willpower. I am about to start aspirin and the rosemary etc thrombosis oil suggested by another member. I’ll see if that helps.

Originally Posted by avocet8

Me, too.

When this happened to me I thought: What now? Varicose veins in my dick??

My location was the same as yours and JJJ’s, under-side of the head. Happens occasionally still. I just massage it out and move on, less vigorously. This first happened to me after 8 months of what I thought was careful jelking.

After 6 months of PE yesterday afternoon happened to me too.

After my morning session of 30’ stretching, I made an indubitable mistake.

I wrap my flaccid penis too tight, and for to much time. So in the end I strangulate it.

After a while I look at it and the glans was big and a little dark, but I haven’t the possibility to leave the wrap

away , the only thing I could do was to try pushing away some blood from my head.

When I have the occasion to unwrap it, 1 h and a half later, I saw a strange “vessel” just like varicose veins
running from the base to the left of the shaft till around the “ridge” and on the foreskin.

I just made immediately hot wet wraps and massages as during warm up, and fortunately all the stuff


I don’t think was a trombosed vein. I am taken aspirin for 2 year now well before starting PE.

Now I will take 2 days of rest and then start again.

thanks very much for having well described your experience.

I’m new to this sight but not new to PE I’ve been jelqing for a year on and off with good results in girth and a little in length I’ve noticed a little small bump up by my head just under the skin after jelqing. It would engorge and get hard after jelqing and as I intensified my jelqing for better results it started to get very large and was painful and my wife started to notice it, and advised me to go see the family doc. My Doc told me it was a thrombosed vein and I shouldn’t do anything about it because surgery would not be good.

I’m way over weight and have high cholestero.l I used to weight 300lbs and have been dropping fast to get back in shape and have lost 40 lbs now. So since my doc didn’t think it was important I began to look into lowering my cholesterol I took this as a sign of the hardening or my arteries. I found out that Red Yeast Rice from your local heath food store breaks down cholesterol and takes it out of your system so I started taking it with Yohimbe and in 5 days my thrombosed vein disappeared completely. No tiny bump like from 1 year ago or the large lump that’s been developing over the last 2 months :)

Come to find out after more studying Red Yeast Rice is the natural herbal form of Crestor the pharmaceutical synthetic version. And the FDA tried to take it off the shelf of all health food store because it cures high cholesterol and according to the laws of the great USA only Drugs are allowed to do that so that’s why they took it off the shelves until a synthetic version (a Drug) could be made. Try it $13.00 at your local Walmart store half the price of a health food store with 50% more pills.

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I think I had a thrombosed vein because I too had the little hard clump on the right sight near my head on the underside.

I believe I caused this by erect jelqing. I was so happy at my first results I was over zealous. It has gone away now but erection quality is still poor. My morning wood is very weak and doesn’t last long. I can’t get hard as easy and my penis just kind of feels lifeless. I thought I was fully healed and tried an edging session I went soft and kind of came while I had a semi. That was 5 days ago and I haven’t got a good boner since.

My history: I Jelqed all of April, and some of may and have been taking a break since but did have sex with my girl with my injured penis during May and into June. Probably not the best idea but it was unavoidable. I broke up with her for now because it is impossible for us not to have sex and I need some time to heal. I also smoke pot everyday and I’m going to quit to see if this helps as well.

Tried to Jelq a week and a half ago and kept getting hard, finally I thought to myself my old boner was back, but I had to stop because I was afraid of jelqing with an erection.

I’m curious to know if flaccid jelqing will promote blood flow and restore my penis, or should I quit cold turkey until I feel my penis is back to life.

I’m going to try some lavender oil tomorrow as well.

Be mindful even when your mind is full

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