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Thrombos City, here I am.

Thrombos City, here I am.

Yup, I over did it. I noticed a couple of days ago that under the right side of my penis about a 1/2 inch or so from my sack, a little bump. I thought it might be a irritated hair follicle. I am fairly hairy, and I get ingrown hairs and such from time to time so I just kept my eye on it. It seemed to be espeacially irritated after a hanging session- I thought it was just getting rubbed by the very end of my wrap. Yesterday I decide to try out my new cock ring and do some squeezes and hand-clamping. When I was just about done, I decided to have a look-see down under Mr. Johnson, to see how the hair follicle-thing was. To my supprise, it had doubled in size (it was now about 6mm long) and it turned dark purple, swelling out of the skin! Scared the SHIT out of me. I popped off the cock ring and instantly clicked on to Thunders. “T-h-r-o-m-b-o-s-e-d” I started to type. Got a lot of info and decided to leave it alone for a while with the occasional hot wrap. A couple hours passed and the skin started to get really thin. It hurt really bad if I touched it. It looked like blood was coming up to the surface- just like a blood blister. I always sleep with a wrap to keep my penis extended. I did not want to risk any pressure from a nocternal erection so I went to bed with no wrap (it was actually hard to get to sleep with no wrap. I was having pre-nightmares of how my dick would shrink up into nothing without my security wrap!) Anyway, I woke up this morning and the tiny blood blister had popped during the night. A little dried blood around the area. The color looks a lot better and it doesnt hurt anymore. I think the worst is over. I am just going to try(key word try) to take it easy for a while. Just thought I would share.

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It popped and left blood on the outside of your skin?!?! I’m just a dumb newb, but man that doesn’t sound like a thrombosed vein to me. Shit if I can just POP mine and be done with it in a few days, sign me the fuck up. :)

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No , that doesn’t sound like a thrombosed vein.

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Not a thrombosis, it seems.

Yeah, definately weird. I think what happend was, I over-did the clamping on my newbie dick and I think I ruptured a small vein close to the surface. It seems it is healing the inner damage and it expelled the blood that was close to the skin. Once the pressure was relieved, it got to looking a lot better. We will see tomorrow. Sorry for the wrong placement of the thread PG. What sucks is, just before I took off the cock ring, I measured and found I had made a gain. I hope I don’t lose it because of my over-doing it.:bart:

Some guys lift weights, I hang 'em!

You’d better take some time off and let it heal.


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Not being able to PE sucks! I checked the calander today. It had to have been at least 2 or 3 weeks since I injured myself. No, it was exactly 1 week ago today! FUCK! Time passes so slow when you are injured! My favorite activity(well, second favorite) has disappeared and I don’t know what to do with myself! Anyway, I checked my unit today and it is looking a lot better! I am going to try some light hanging. I am not going to do any girth or jelqing for at least a couple more weeks-I am going to wait a long time for it to heal up. Wish me luck.

Some guys lift weights, I hang 'em!

This sucks man! I did a little hanging and the skin pull from the hang irritated whatever my injury is and it came back in full swing! Then I laid low for a few days and it seemed to go away. Then I met my girl and we fucked like rabbits. It came back from the friction and her tight pussy! It is like a small bump that acts like folliculitus, but that doesn’t make sense because of the way I got it-swelling up from the cock ring like I said above. I just don’t know what to do. It is to minor to see a doctor- and the docs over here in Japan are not really worth the money, being about 35 years behind the times… Anyway, from the sex, it got irritated and swelled up a little and the next day it was like a pimple. I am pretty hairy and get ingrown pimply hair follicles all the time but this is just weird.

Some guys lift weights, I hang 'em!


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