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Those With Venous Leak

Those With Venous Leak

So 2 years ago I had this problem were I my glans couldnt inflate. At first erection were solid, but no inflation of glans. Over time my erections were unable to be maintained.

Ive been doing PE for a while without any problems, never had an injury. before this venous leak i was doing Uli’s for a month or two without any problems or injuries.

I have bad masturbation habits : 2-3 Times A day, to the point were it gets kind of painful
Around this time I also was experimenting with cocaine, which shriveled up my unit.

I was wondering if those who have venous leak had bad masturbation habits? were u doing clamps/ulis/horses? drugs? smokeing? etc?

02-10-09: Nbpel-4 7/8" ; Midshaft-eg- 5 1/4"; Base-eg- 4 7/8"

Have you had the venous leak confirmed by a doctor? I have venous leak symptoms off and on.. But I am also dealing with some other health problems, including a parasite, which I think have caused my sex drive to really go down. So I really don’t know if I have a leak or not.

With regards to Venous Leakage:

I am completely with whatever20 on this. Please do not attempt to self-diagnose yourself in these matters. Trust me, I have been there.

With regards to my masturbation habits:

1. I used to ejaculate 2-3 times a day everyday. Despite being painful
2. I did do clamping a while ago when my EQ went down (and I suspect VL).
3. I was drinking coffee. That shriveled up my unit.

so is ur eq back up?

02-10-09: Nbpel-4 7/8" ; Midshaft-eg- 5 1/4"; Base-eg- 4 7/8"

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