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Those who have overcame injuries, please reply

Those who have overcame injuries, please reply

Hello all

I have been doing PE for about a year and a half now. I Barelly got any injuries in this time, other then a few days of extremely bad PI’s and low EQ, I have went on pretty much injury free, untill now.

The thing is I’ve always done erect jelqs, erect squeezes, erect bends and erect clamping, and mostly have had pretty good EQ. But untill about last week, a day after an extreme squeezing and clamping session, I started to feel this tingling sensation in my penis, and everyday since, its become worst where I am not getting any spontaneous erections, bad or no morning wood, and mild ocasional pain in my glans. My flacid has hardened up too, but sometimes its fuller and spongy, but I know its different then its usual self. And after reading all of this injuries I am realy scared of permenantly having damaged my unit, and its realy freaking me out. I am showing all the symptoms that have been talked about in other threads like the “hard flacid thread”.

The reason I am starting this thread is to find out how many people have gone through this and have recovered and how long its taken. There are lots of guys that are saying they havent gotten any erections in a couple of years and I want to find out if these guys have recoevered yet. I realy feel for these guys with these injuries because it is such a nightmare to not only having to stop PE but to have a non functioning unit. Now I feel like I’ve joined them. I am realy scared and cannot tell anyone in my life other then you guys. So please, any of you who have experienced these injuries and have recoevered, please post the details of your symptoms and how long it took you to recover and what did you do if anything to help you recoever. Thanks guys.

Have you taken any time off? Rest and more rest. I wouldn’t rule out seeking professional help as well. When I went through a bad couple of weeks I took a vaso-dialator and rubbed and massaged my penis. After a couple of weeks it came back. I’ve treated it with much more respect since then.

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I feel for you dude…but you are overreacting. It’s hard not to. But just give it some time. Sometimes seeing a medical practitioner can help put your mind at ease if nothing else. The number of injuries that occur of the more serious nature is still small. Lots of veterans have had injuries of one sort or another.

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Thanks for the encouraging words big-guy. But to answer your question, I kinda kept PE’ing after I felt the symptomns, kinda like challenging myself, and I think this has made it worst. I was able to get forced erections after the second or third day, but I noticed I lost about .1 girth and the erections were stiff and felt different. I also had a hard time keggling, and would lose the erections without any stimulation. My glans are softer too and there is a tingly feeling in them. I definitly will stop any further PE or masturbation upon further improvements.

I injured myself squeezing my head too hard with the power jelq device and it took about 2 years to fully heal! But it didn’t affect my erection hardness or anything it was just a small area that had a sharp pain there for a while. But hey now I can say it’s gone! I’m sure you didn’t do anything like I did though.

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Just a little Update:

Well its been almost 3 weeks since I suffered this injury but I have been getting very good erections in the last week or so, but I needed to stimulate myself with some porn. Strong erections non-the-less. The pain has stopped, and I’ve been hanging better too. Looks like it was a minor injury, but its hard not to panic when you hear all of these stories of guys suffering the same symptoms and not being able to get it up for months, even years.

Some things I’ve learned:

While I was suffering the hard flaccid, pain and tingling in the head and lack of erections, I noticed I had pains in my anus region as well. I think all of these muscles and tissues and vains are related to each other. I also notice that in my intense jelqing sessions, I was kegeling so hard and puting alot of pressure on my pc muscles while clamped and wihle performing squeezes, these kegels might have contributed to the injury. I have a feeling that we need to learn so much more in regards to causes of injuries, and that we should not blame burst veins for all of the injuries. The pelvic muscles and that area is greatly involved in the ejactulation process and erections. And lets not forget the psychological aspect of it, as I was depressed and had fears in this time frame, I believe this led to more awfull EQ.

I will start with PE starting next monday with a stretching and squeez routine. I hate not being able to PE, and this experience has taught me to go slow instead of trying to explode your dick.

Safe PE’ing everyone.

Any problems you’ve been experiencing recently are psychological. I get scared too, reading the venous leakage stories and the devastation etc.

Any injuries I experienced were minor and similar to what you’ve been experiencing. I just heal fast, much faster then what is normal. I’ve learned not to squeeze as hard these days as well cause of it. Clamping is safer then manual PE for me, because sometimes I don’t realize how hard I am jelqing or squeezing. Everyone needs to be careful when doing manual PE.

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And don’t do kegels while you’re clamping, etc.


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