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There Is A Problem

There Is A Problem

I have done PE by like 2 years with very very irregular plan of exercise so I have gained like 2cm of length and 1cm of circumference, now Im 15cm×11.5cm, my goal is to be in 17cm×13cm because I think it is enough to be big but not to be tagged as the biggest of the area or something.

So the problem is that Im cured from trombosis, I waited 6 months and now its cured but when I want to do stretchs, the trombosis start again, it is located right back of the glans at the left, when I do the stretches, the veins starts to get hard, I can easily fix this by massaging it. But Im scared that this could happen again, so I want to know what to do, Im near to my goal, I could finish it in half a year, but this problem is serious. Im waiting 1 month more to see if the problem is gone.

I hope that if you had this experience, you could help me, and for the others, be very careful with trombosis please, its an awful waste of time.


I moved the thread to the Injury and Treatments subforum.

I hope this will get you more answers on your specific injury.

Best regards


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