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The wounded dick

The wounded dick

The short short story. After breaking my frenulum three times (and probably because I started jelqing and gained a little bit in size), doctors all over the world think that I should get a small operation where they just cut up the frenulum to make it heal in a better and more strong way. I will report from the days up to and after the operation:

Wednesday: 2 days to the cut

Get up, doing the morning routine.
Thinking that it might even make it stronger and more prepared for operation.
Thinking that I won’t have sex of any kind in a while.
Thinking that I won’t have sex of any kind in a while.
Think that it is a problem that I won’t have sex for a while.
Starting to realize the fact that I won’t have sex for a while.

Driving to work. Thinking that I need to do something about the “not-going-to-have-sex-for-a-while” problem. I need to test my penis. As a single guy, I haven’t had sex for some time. And last time I had sex, it was with a condom, which I had on my foreskin – I.e. I did not pull my foreskin back, before I took the condom on. And yes, guys, it is kind of a dull feeling. But since my frenulum have a tendency to break, and blood and sex doesn’t work that well for me, I have taken my reservations.

Writing to a potential girl, whom might like to perform the “goodbye” sex act.

Potential girl wonders why it is “the last chance for sex in a while”.

“Last-chance in a while”-guy writes back that it is a secret. Or at least something that can only be told in connection with a sexual act.

Potential girl still interested. “Last-chance in a while”-guy (me) suddenly realizes that he has a pretty tough schedule this week. To make it very exotic, he suggests Thursday night. The last night possible.

“Last-chance in a while”-guy also realizes that he is writing an awful lot of text messages and his boss is starting to send some suspicious glances his way.

Potential girl is curious about what is going to happen Friday. Not feeling like writing “someone is going to take a scalpel and draw a fine line in my magic wizard”, so I decide to write that sexy talk to potential girl, telling her about the pleasures she will meet in my presence. Potential girl is satisfied with answer.

Sitting in front of Excel sheet, wondering if I should go home soon. Then my brain suddenly asks me this question: Maybe cutting the frenulum will be like unleashing extra possibilities of girth and length gain. Just asking the questions makes my penis a feeling good. And it needs it, because it isn’t feeling so good about.

Bumping into ex girlfriend on my way home. Very very cute, excellent sex. Potential girl no. 2? Maybe it could be a day of celebration, this last day before the cut.
Dangit. Potential ex-sex dangerous. Many weird signals from ex-girl, telling me that it is not a good idea to introduce the fact, that I have screwd up my frenulum with another girl. Not her. Ex-girlfriend is not potential girl no. 2.

Potential girl has obviously talked to girlfriends. In 21:09 text message there is a tone of “you a just making up an excuse and I am not falling for it.” Still not feeling totally sure about telling about the operation, I write to her that I have to go to the hospital.
Potential girl’s messages suddenly come with a little lack time. But much better tone.

Suddenly I remember that I have to work late Thursday. Introducing this is the days biggest mistake. Potential girl have to work early Friday morning. And meeting up 10 pm doesn’t make her sent happy smilies.

Have to make new strategy.

Going out the night before could also be a strategy. Calling good friend (who is a girl, and has lots of nice female friends).

New strategy seems to work. Plans for tomorrow night are in house.

Writing on thunders. Wish me luck with Friday.

I had to stop at “After breaking my frenulum three times”. Good luck.

Start: 6/30/2007 - (NBPEL 6.25", BPEL - 7"), (Mid EG 5.25") (Base EG 5 3/4")

11/10/2007 - (NBPEL 6.75", BPEL - 7.5"), (Mid EG 5.5") (Base EG 6")

Goal: 7.5 NBPEL, 6" Midshaft EG

When you have excellent sex, you don’t want it to stop. And taking a break in a month is pretty hard.. Stupid me.

Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to mention to the “potential girl” that it’s going to be a while till you use your dick again. Looks like you might have messed that one up. Anyway, good luck on your surgery. Hope all is well. Are you un-Cut?

Not to dwell on the scary, but how the heck do you break your frenulum?

11 JULY 2007 - BPEL: 5.5" EG: 4.75" NBPEL: 4.5"

11 JUNE 2008 - BPEL: 6.75" EG: 5.0" Base EG: 5.5"

KingPole is my Sensei - Goal: Just a little bit more - Progress/Routine - My Pictures - Perfect Measuring Technique

Frenulum - it’s a bad idea to cut it off. It helps to tense your dick during erection - you can read about it in many anatomical books. Your penis may get eventually a bit longer, but the erection may not be as firm as before. I personally “broke my frenulum” partly only once (during really nice sex, but it’s rather LONG story - no to be mentioned here) and now I feel a bit more comfortable - as I can for example remove more skin from the head of my penis during - f.e. - French-kissing. But anyway I don’t suggest you totally remove your frenulum - unless you have to. It’s nothing special.

SideBanger, I really didn’t do anything special. I was having normal sex, in the morning, which maybe made my (at that time) girlfriend a little less wet, but it was actually her that wanted to. And I kind off always want to, so we had sex. And in a normal missionary position, it just suddenly broke. According to doctors in US and Europe (the ones I have talked to) it usually happens for men in the age 20-28, and it is not uncommon. Personally one of my friends broke his penis, when he was 18. And I was pretty nice, to have someone to talk to about it.

But since it happened to me in a very late age (I am 28), I guess it is due to PE.

Matt356, the operation was done today. Postponed from Friday. And they did not remove the frenulum, they just made a cut in in, and sutured the frenulum back on, so it has become a little longer. It is really not a nice sight, and I don’t think you would like to see pictures. (Or hear that I cannot PE, masturbate or have sex) for a month, and I have to avoid any kind of arousing situations.

Heal well, j!

Make sure you follow the doctor’s orders: we would hate to see you injure yourself again. Give your penis all the time it needs to repair completely.


Thanks, GM. I need all the moral support I can get. Status so far is no pain, but I am taking pain killers before going to bed.

A quick description (do not read, if do not want the details of a small penis operation):
(Operation called “something something.. Pro frenulum breve”, and is made for restoring a teared frenulum)

They started out with local anaesthesia, injected directly into the foreskin. This made the foreskin swell up. Then they sterilized the head and shaft with something yellow (kinda like iodine, but not iodine - this felt cold at first, then warm).
With a scalpel they made a small cut across the most tight part of the frenulum and sutured the least tight parts of the frenulum together. Three stitches and a totally blue foreskin later, I was back at the ward, with tight sitting net underpants and gauze to protect the wound from any thrust or pressures.

The pains so far have been manageable. But this is the day of the operation, and many healing days is on their way.

Good luck, man.

Later - ttt

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