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The worst injury

The worst injury

As I’m not too old on this of the PE, I have the curiosity to know, if somebody here, had sadly a necrosis, or something similar, what was the worst injury someone have had?

Greets to all the crew here.

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I don’t know of any dead members so to speak, but I have heard mention a few times about a guy on the old PE Forums who experimented with hanging while erect and suffered a horrific injury. Sounded like about the worst it can get.

One of the vets might be able to fill you in on it.

Forged Crank was the guy. Serious injury. I don’t remember the exact circumstances that caused the injury. He was good enough to post pictures on PE Forums too, but they got deleted at one time or another. He might be lurking here or posting under a different name. It would be nice to get an update if he is.

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The worst kinds of injuries you hear about are the nervous ones. I don’t think I’ve ever seriously injured a nerve myself, but apparantly you can lose sensation and erectile ability if these things break (scary!)

Unless you really tear yourself a new one, even the nervous injuries will heal, although apparantly it takes a very long time to recover 100%. However I don’t know about that - some severe ones might be (at least semi-) permanent!

The worst I’ve ever done is blood blisters and so forth. These heal for sure, over weeks, but they can sting a bit, and it looks real ugly having black spots all down your prick - a girl could be confused and think you’re carrying bubonic plague or something! :D

personally, my skin is sensitive to injury down there, so when I overdo it, I get raw and flaky skin sort of like a very dry sunburn, which sucks too.

Use vaseline intensive care 2 times a day, especially after a workout. Your skin will be great after normal usage.

I remember Dance from PEForums injured himself so that he couldn’t PE anymore at all. Anyone know what happened to him? Its been years since I saw a post by him…

As an aside its bizarre when people just disappear and then don’t turn up again… Little1tobig1, MisterEd etc

See Ya,


Yeah, it could be so hard to tell who had a really bad injury, cause often, these people get away from this forums, sometimes not.

BPEL 7.00 in (17.7cm) WANT 8 in (20cm)

Breaking the bone in your boner, would be pretty bad. :D

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There is no bone in your boner, though you can “break” your penis in the sense of having it bend in two while erect and do a lot of damage to vessels. etc.

I can attest that when you get injured, you are inclined to drift away from the board. So many injured guys, we just never hear from again… meaning injuries are underreported. dangle

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