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The "1 drop of blood" syndrome.

The "1 drop of blood" syndrome.

First of all, this thread “MAY” be better placed in the injuries forum, but because of 2 things: 1. No one hardly ever posts there so there isn’t really anyone answering questions, and, 2: It’s not really an injury. In fact, I dont know what it is hence this post. I hope its ok that I post it here so that it gets some attention.

Ok, this is what happens. My sessions consists of 5 min warmup, 5 min wet jelq, 5 min dry jelq, 5 min wet jelq, 5 min dry jelq. I jelq in a pretty hard state 70%-100%. 2 days on, 1 day off.

Sometimes during/after my sessions (especially after the dry jelqs) there can be 1 drop of blood coming out of the penis mixed with precum or whatever that natural lubrication stuff its called. It doesn’t hurt in any way. It does not affect my EQ in any way, and its only 1 drop at the most. There is never blood coming out of my penis while doing anything else, i.e. urinating, masturbating etc, and everything works normally. Never any pain or stuff like that. I have actually tried to see if I can squeeze out more than 1 drop (to make sure its not something that bleeds), but 1 drop is all there is.

Now, what is this 1 blood drop, and what is it doing in my urethra? If there was a bloodvessel that had broken or something like that, wouldn’t it keep bleeding more than 1 drop? This pretty much almost only occurs while I do my dry jelqs (they are pretty intense). The first time it happened I was pretty scared and took 1 week off, but now I dont really care that much about it anymore, since it does not hurt ie or affect me in any other way. Still, im pretty curios about what it could be. I thought that the urethra was kind of walled of from all the blood vessels, meaning that if something bleeds, it wont come out there, meaning that the blood was there to start with and I just happened to squeeze it out while jelqing?

Anywho, I hope that there is someone here smarter than me that can help me figure this out.


If it is a combination of micro tears of the urethra it is may be blood that accumulated during the exercise mixed with other fluids that you then flush out. Blood is never a good thing. You should probably ease up on your technique and most definitely do not do anything above 80% hardness.

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Not to worry. I’ve had the same thing happen as well (only twice in the 7 months I’ve been PE’ing) and followed the same thought process as you.

My research through medical journals reported that It equates to the spot of blood you find occassionally in your mucus after a huge sneeze. Ease up on the intensity though and keep after it until you reach your goal.

Blood is a good PI that you’re giving your dick more than it can handle so definitely revisit your program and report back to the forum.


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