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Testical shrinkage

Testical shrinkage

I know this is weird but since starting up my PE routine My testicles have shrunk,they are the size of grapes now,and the sack is super tight,

Is this the result of kegeling which I do fanatically?I also have been conserving semen(celibate basically) because I heard this helps advance PE.

Any idea?

The supplements I am taking are L-arginine (5 grams) fish and flax seed oils 3x a day.I have integrated squats into my exercise regiment.

Now my penis health seems great,I get better EQ then ever.I still have this issue with a hard stinking bead forming on my left side of my penis(thrombosed vein or whatever)but that is only when I over work the girth regiment.

May want to see the doctor about shrinking testicles.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Shrinking testicles are usually a sign of spiked testosterone levels. When your levels exceed the “set point” regulated by the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis, your testicles turn off production and shrink. This is a common problem for guys on testosterone replacement and guys who supplement for performance enhancement. Your testicles will generally recover once your testosterone levels come back down.

I wonder whether PE combined with abstinence has elevated your T levels. Squats can also raise T levels, albeit only briefly.

It’s also possible that your practice of retaining semen is causing sperm production to shut down, again reducing testicular size.

If this concerns you, try giving up the abstinence thing for a few weeks and see if your testicles recover.

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I think it may have been the abstinence,I just broke it and found that I am now “hanging loose”

I think it was from all that edging.From what I understand though is that you gain more the less you ejaculate,so maybe just ignore the shrinkage and keep edging? I figure if my EQ is improving then I must be doing something right

I’m sure you’ve seen this: The “Does Sex/Masturbation Hinder Gains” Debate

Besides the normal contraction of the penis that occurs after ejaculation I’ve not heard a real good explanation of why ejaculating is bad for growth. And if the general theory of tissue degradation/rebuilding (micro-tears) is true, compression after ejaculation would not reverse that process.

Your testicular health is far more important than growing your dick. I’d suggest giving up the abstinence.

Just to give everyone a update after stopping the saw palmetto my EQ and libido began to return.I definitely believe that Saw Palmetto was irresponsible.

I hope my hair stays on my head by the time I gain a inch or three

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