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Temporary ED

Temporary ED

Over the last four days I have noticed that i have been having erection problems. It takes longer to get hard and is very difficult to keep an erection. I consider myself a very sexual guy and always have sex/masturbate 1-4 times a day. Every once in awhile however, there are these periods in which erections are weak. Alot of times these episodes can be blamed on coming down from drugs or alcohol, or from sexual exhaustion. Then there are the times when I really can not explain it at all. Im going through one of those periods now. This whole week I have only ejaculated once a day which should not be enough to exhaust me. I have not taken any drugs since my magic mushrooms 6 days ago, and its hard to believe that its psychological since im not panicking about it. I know that it is a phase that will pass in a day or two. It would just be nice to know what causes these little problems, and learn how to avoid them.

Any Theorys?

A few questions:

How old are you? Age could be a factor (although PE often counteracts aging).

When was the last time you PEed? You may have overtrained.

Are you stressed? Stress (not just anxiety, but stress with work, a break up, death in the family, or something similar) can cause ED.

Do you kegel? Some studies suggest this little exercise can be as beneficial to hardness as any erection drug.

Does your family have a history of heart-related illnesses? Heart disease is presumably the most serious cause of ED, and if all else fails, then I would go to the doctor. Although, he might blame the drugs—which indeed might also be the causing factor. Just because you haven’t used drugs in six days, doesn’t mean they don’t cause your problem. Drugs have long term effects.

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