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Taking a break due to minor injury

Taking a break due to minor injury

While out of town last week I did an somewhat aggressive pumping routine.
Each evening for 5 days I did 2 sessions as follows:

10 minute warm-up
100 wet jelqs (unscented baby oil with aloe and vitamin E)
10 minutes at 4-6 inches in tube fully erect(watching a little porn)
50-100 jelqs
5 minute warm-down

waited 15-20 minutes and repeated.

Finished the evening with a hot shower jelq.

After getting home that weekend, it was my 2 days off.
On Sunday morning, I noticed a little discomfort at the base of the old unit.
I realized that I had over worked the poor thing, as even trying manual stretches, there is minor pain.
Even trying to jelq there is minor pain at the base.

I have recently purchase a wrist wrap to keep the unit stretched all day now as I will not be doing much PE-ing
for at least a week or maybe longer depending on the amount of the injury.

Even the thought of not PE-ing is a bummer, I will not submit to the temptation and cause further injury to the old unit. I may be 50, but sometimes I can still be stupid. Lessen learned on my part.


I had one too, mine was an over training injurie, so bad.

There’s a fine line, between risk and considerable risk, don’t pass it.

BPEL 7.00 in (17.7cm) WANT 8 in (20cm)


How long was your rehab time for healing, and what types of sups or meds did you take?

Well, basically rest, your penis needs time to recover. Also, I took L-arginine with some pills of Glucosamine, and Vitamin E.

If you have time, go to the gym, and make some exercises to improve the circulation on your legs, abs, etc.

In some days, that will have to heal. Good luck.


BPEL 7.00 in (17.7cm) WANT 8 in (20cm)

I don’t know how hard you jelq, but the routine itself is not that far over the top, depending of course on what you were used to prior to this 5 day session. I would almost think you just have a little soreness from too long a workout rather then an injury, but you are the best judge of that.

I think light 10 minute pump sessions of say 4 in hg might actually help speed your return to fully operational status.

I generally do a 5 mile walk every evening with the dog.
and finish with about 25 sit-ups to keep the breakbasket slimmed down.

My routine before that was usually only one session a day in the morning.
With a 100 jelq hot shower before bed.
I still think I will wait a couple of days at least. Maybe by this weekend I’ll do a short 4 in. hg 10 min pump.

Thanks for the advise and info


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