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T vein or imagination

T vein or imagination

OK guys iv read up on all the posts on thunders and I think iv got a t vein. It’s like a guitar string(which has been described as before) and it’s runs from the base about 1 3rd up and is in the center. Now I dident even know abou this until I read about it hear. So I feel my cock and wolla theres a guitar string thing? Now is this a t vein or my penis structure? Have I read about t veins and got paranoid and convinced my self iv got one?AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I’m going to blow!What do you guys think?

Guys help me please.

Yeah I wanna know more about this guitar thing too.. How does it feel? How can you “discover” it? What does it do? What happens if you ignore it?

I’ve got something sort of similar and would appreciate some input. I believe this happened as I started to develop some peyronnies, dont mean to scare you, I just noticed they started around the same time. It’s like a really small “tendant” sort of thing right?

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No one aswerd me on this before and I know it’s ok now.Just a big vein that developed through pe.

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