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Swelling below glans

Swelling below glans

Hey guys after I finished my streaching I noticed ten minutes later swelling below the glans ( where the shaft and glans joins) .please help guys I am getting freaked out. Should I go to a doctor?

Guys three days are over and it still has not healed . I am getting freaked out here. Somebody please help me.

Is there any chance of you posting a picture of this at all?
From the description its hard to tell what you are talking about, consistency etc. Perhaps a description of what exercises you were doing when the lump appeared etc. Originally I would say fluid build up: Donut Effect
But after 3 days I am no longer sure, any further information would be appreciated and may get a more helpful answer from one of the vets.

Good luck, and if you really feel that uncomfortable visit the Doctor.

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Hey has anyone posted a picture of the donut effect?

For clarification (hope this is right):
This is the donut effect: DSCF0850 copy.jpg
This is a turkey neck: TurkeyNeck.jpg

If anything I just suffer from a turkey neck, luckily :)


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The donut effect shouldn’t appear from stretching flaccid. Could it be a lymphe vessel?

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