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stretched too hard.. or too often maybe..

stretched too hard.. or too often maybe..

So here is my situation..

Two nights ago (Friday night) I stretched for 7.5 minutes in bed while my girlfriend was asleep, which was very late at night. I had been stretching for 3-4 days straight. While only jelqing and/or doing some light clamping every other day.

I’ve only clamped for 5-6 minutes but I’ve jelqed pretty intense with a 80%-100% erection, but this has done wonders for me. My erections have been great and I’ve been waking up with greater wood every morning.

So anyway.. on Friday I hadn’t done any girth work, just stretched. Saturday morning my girl woke me up wanting sex.. I still gave it to her, but I had no morning wood and it was much harder for me to get an erection.. She was still satisfied but I couldn’t even finish for myself. I was even kind of sore all day.

I massaged it a few times Saturday (yesterday), masturbated in the the afternoon, then massaged some more, and by nighttime I was ready to go.. My erection wasn’t as strong as usual but the sex was still great. This morning I woke up with little to no wood but I’m getting an erection much easier now.

Back a year ago when I started I did a newbie routine, but rushed into more advanced stuff too quickly, trying to race to having a bigger penis. I always thought the jelqing was what I did wrong but now I’m not so sure. Maybe I need to ease up on the stretching.

Today I will jelq a bit before work and see if that improves my EQ and morning wood. Hope this info helps in some way.. I’ll give an update in a couple of days.

Take a week off or until 100% erections return. You over did!

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

What KP wrote.

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