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Stretched suspensory ligament - Help please

Stretched suspensory ligament - Help please

On the left side of the base of my penis my ligament is stretched.

If I hold penis to the right and release it it bounce to myleft leg.
If I hold penis to the left and release it barely pass middle of body.

I’ve had this symtom for many years but Its just recently I figured out that this was the problem. From the beginning
I though it was unknown hard flaccid issue for peyronies. Im having somewhat hard flaccid and penis bends to the right when semi. Im also
very hard time to stay semi. Its either erect or flaccid.

When fully erected everythings is somewhat fine. Probably 90% all good.

I think I had these problems from rough sex or extender use. Don’t remember anymore. Have a situation from both scenarios when unit was hurt.

Can someone tell me if its possible to fix this issue?


You have nothing. Most of guys have the penis leaning to the left, because fundiform ligament is shorter on one side.

Not true Marinera. I know it apperead after I started experimenting with PE but at the same time I had gf.

Mine was 100% straight Before I started so please accept information instead making up your own.

Like the dry glans, the contact eczema, burst vessels and all others inuries you reported? Forget PE bro.

Ive had burst micro vessels and contact eczema as reported yes.

I will probably forget since all I got is injuries but that was not the question now.

You don’t know how to fix it?don’t blame yourself.

I’ll not blame myself for sure. :)

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