Strange raised dot.

Just now, I discovered a red dot on the Little skin that shows I used to have a foreskin (I forget if it has a name.. ). I’m not sure what it is.. It was found after using the bathroom and feeling soreness today. Now, I irresponsibly tampered with weights 2 days ago, and it was sore when I peed then.. But not yesterday. I’ll be fine if it’s just a raised vessel, but there’s another possibility. Last year, I developed a cold sore (don’t know what it’s from either.. Not sexually active at all and I’ve not kissed anyone or shared food/drinks). It comes up in the cold weather, like now. I avoid touching my penis after touching it because I’m afraid it could cause herpes. Is that even a possibility? They ARE different strains, right?

There was always a little bump on the skin there, but now it’s red. I’m rather scared. :/ Any information you guys could share? I’m crossing my fingers that it was just from that stupid weight.