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Still not healing


You need to stop ALL PE and let it heal. That may take up to a year.

I and other PE vets have warned guys not to jelq while erect, but people still do it :rolleyes: I just don’t get it. You only have one cock. It’s better to have a small, functional dick than a big one that doesn’t work.

That said… I hope you heal up soon.


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All newbies erect jelq for one main reason. They are newbies and don’t know what they are doing. You only feel expansion while jelqing at 100%. Thats because you don’t know how to perform a proper jelq. It takes time and effort to learn and I’d say from reading posts on this forum most newbies assume it should be a very painful process. Squeezing the shit out of a full erection is quite painful thats for sure. So hey you must be doing something it hurts to much not to be working.

If you have only been doing PE for a month or two. And you keep finding yourself on the opposite side of conventional wisdom. You might want to evaluate your assumptions. We see you guys constantly posting this kinda thread and they all have the same theme. High erection, vein busting, painful injuries.

I guess your thinking we are doing the same thing you are but we just know how not to bust a vein is the only difference. There is some truth to that, only a little. We jelq and do these exercises with a different kinda erection.
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As a matter of a fact “erect jelqs” are very fun to do and very stimulating. They could be addictive if tried with edging. I don’t blame the guy. If erect jelqs caused the problem you should be fine with some rest.


Do you masturbate ?
Do You warm up/ Take a warm bath?

These two would keep the penis numb forever.

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1. Patience- without it, you’re not going to be able to…
2. Breathe- helps you stay alive, so imagine what it does for your body.
3. Heat- more blood to the area, helps break down scar tissue (moderate heat 15 mins session)
4. Water- Tea, or just water more importantly (Green tea WILL save your life)
5. Massage- stimulation of the bodys cells is essential to promoting growth (not of the boner kind though) massage the tissue.
6 Continue to eat right.

My thrombosed vessel is much softer today- a big and I mean BIG improvement.

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It seems to me you are noticing a few symptoms: decreased sensation on the head, loss of morning wood, decreased libido, and lower quality erections overall. All but the first symptom can be caused by multiple causes, principally from stress, anxiety or depression. The decreased sensation could be one of two things: you freaking out over nothing, or a genuine injry. If it is a nerve injury, the reports I have seen generally indicate that nerve injuries can heal but it takes time, and likely lots of it. However, a nerve injury from jelquing even 100% jelquing would be rare in my opinion. All in all I suggest rest from PE, and reducing stress in your life, or taking care of other psychological problems if present.

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I really think stress is making it worse and I need to let it heal. It feels weak and numb and I think that’s my body asking for more rest. Mentally, this is going to be difficult, but I suppose rest is the only answer.


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