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Stem Cell/Gene Therapy--Help with Contacts

Stem Cell/Gene Therapy--Help with Contacts


I have all sorts of medical and I believe soon-to-be legal issues. I’ll keep this short and sweet… (Pictures included)

When I was 13 and horny, I tied a string around my dick—kept it there for a VERY LONG period of time and it caused permanent damage to my penis (Corpus Spongiosum, Corpus Cavernosum, glans, veins, blood flow, ultimately the quality of my erections). I am 22 now.

All my life I struggled with self-image, especially because it discolored the tissue of my glans and I believe it affected my size, eventually bringing me here (years ago) in attempt to help heal and grow my penis.

In December 2009, at 20 yrs old, I went in to get testicular enlargement, and circumcision with a certain penile enlargement surgeon. I am happy with the size and how the incisions for the testicular enlargement healed—but I’m very unhappy with the circumcision (area where stitches came apart, healed quite ugly, left some OPEN threading holes, and believe there’s still thread enclosed beneath the skin), and the testicular enlargement (Left testicle was left 80-90% outside the implant, right implant created fibrous capsular contracture, so the skin attaches to the implant like the skin on your elbow).

I called his office to request to get it reversed, he suggested we correct the issue by implanting a new generation of implants he has (softer) and insert testicles completely, but with a fee. Completely dismissing my preference of getting it reversed, also with a fee.

My sexual life as a human being, and as a male that should have a properly working and aesthetically attractive penis has been a disaster and definitely not something I can speak openly about to just anyone including friends or family. I’ve seen countless doctors for help and suggestions and no one can help.

What I would like to see happen, if this were a perfect world, is this…
Part I-Penis
I get in contact with a top Doctor/Scientist/Genius specializing in stem cell/gene therapy (not embryonic… but my own). One of two things, he/she either creates me a new penis (which I’ve read has been done for rabbits & rats), implants it and everything works perfectly and amazingly OR he/she injects me with my stem cells to heal the damaged tissue.

Part II-Testicular Enlargement
The surgeon reverses it or updates it with no fee. (If he denies me free reversal, should I sue?)

I am desperate for help, and the intention for this post is for many of you with knowledge, suggestions, or contacts to help me find some answers in getting this going.

Attached are pictures.

Attached Files
Thunders Cover.doc
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Thunders Discoloration.doc
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Thunders Circumcision.doc
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T1 Webbing.doc
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Thunders Testicles.doc
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Anyone…? I’m desperate.

BigF, no way to create a new penis. I think you should search for a lawyer to see if there are chances to suit the docs who damaged you, for malpractice; at the same time, to speak with a serious doctor to repair the damages. Searching for miracolous solutions will only put you in the arms of shamans, with worse consequences than you already are suffering.

There are already advances in stem cell therapy, such as creating skin, eyes, and organs. My goal is to reach these doctors/scientists for help. I am confident about this science, not stubborn, an a little desperate obviously for it to happen. It’s not a magic spell or a Disney shooting star wish kind of thing. It’s 21st century science. I just need to reach those geniuses with the answer.

Well, what can I say other than good luck? I’ve not even completely understood your problem, by the way. Are you impotent? Or it is an aesthetic problem?

PS: consider asking to an active moderator to move this in the Men’ Sexual section, or in the Not Covered Elsewhere. I doubt this section is right for this.

Probably injuries/treatment…

Anyway, a concern… If I sue the doc, who will reverse it? (and i can only imagine the fee) urgg

Another Doc? I can’t understand why you want a new penis, either, if your problem is just in your testicle. Maybe it’s just me, so wait untill some native eng speaker chime in.

Probably injuries? So you haven’t got your penile problems examined by a specialist? What exact kind of damage have been done? The discoloration you have can possibly be solved through peeling.

Creating a whole new dick on human beings is still years away, and it would be very expensive.

Marinera, it’s both gradual level of impotence and aesthetic. The discoloration of the glans is internal, not external, so a peal or laser treatment wouldn’t work. Remember, that was an extreme form of Clamping and cut off circulation completely. I’m lucky it didn’t become gangrene but it did KILL tissue. (has anyone seen the pics in doc format I posted?)

Anyway I’m still desperatefor help.

Update on communication with the implant doc, he has been MIA everytime I’ve attempted to reach out to him and ask for help. I called today and spoke with receptionist, was told she’d forward it to doc. No call back. Yet. I am pretty pissed! Pissed enough to grab something and throw it at some random car passing because no ones helping me find a solution damn it.

How can you see an internal discoloration of the glans? And who cares anyway?

BF, don’t get me wrong, but maybe you should fix some anxiety or such disorder, before anything else. Don’t make choices alone, I think you aren’t in the best mood lately.

Obviously you haven’t seen my pics. Or know about overtones and undertones of the dermis. I appreciate your attention to my issue, but you’re not helping. I need someone with factual knowledge, not assumptions or personal opinions. Thank you though.

You upload text files. I opened the first (it took several minutes) and it is blank - no pics inside. Just to speak about ‘factual knowledge’.

I agree that this place is not the best for helping you. Good luck anyway.

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