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squeeze bumps!! (?)

squeeze bumps!! (?)

Hey guys, I was doing a pretty intense squeeze session the other day, the hardest I’ve ever done.

I was warmed up ok etc, so I didn’t get too many red dots, and I went real slow, and when I got to that “discomforting internal stretch” feeling I just kept going slowly…

it felt good; like I got a real good workout, but I examined my dick when I’d finished, and there were a few little ‘bumps’ - they looked something like pimples…

they went away by the next day…

my question to those with anatomical knowledge, what the hell happened?

My take on it is that because of the massive pressure, instead of getting lots of microtears, I just got a few “macrotears” - something a bit bigger than micro ones… (hehe) and leaked a tiny drop into a small cavity created by the tears…

what does ye thinks? if my theory is correct then is this a good thing or bad?

Where were the pimply things? Head, shaft…?

they were on the side of the shaft…

they were not pimples, obviously, but thats the best word I can use to describe them..

they were little bumps, like when you get a pretty intense case of goosebumps….. about that size…

they didn’t have a ‘head’ like a pimple either. they were just that - bumps.
they went away quickly too…..

whats up with this fellas?

I had the same thing happen about a week ago. I did my normal routine and added a few more intense squeezes. I added to my injury by having sex later that night. The damn thing hurt like hell! I took a few days off and all is good. No more intense squeezes for a while.

Strange. Could they have been swollen hair follicles?

hmm I dont think so….. they were on the upper shaft - the foreskinny bit even…. not a trace of hair anywhere near there in sight eh…..

I did not experience any pain or discomfort as SK1 did, it was just fine, just very weird thats all…

again, does anyone have any ideas as to what it may have been? Taking for granted that it was very high pressure squeezing (VERY HIGH PRESSURE) that caused it…

some weird structural distortion? Dunno… feedback people

definately you hair/sweat follicles. You must have irratated them.

Yes they go all the way up the shaft (especially if youre uncut) but they are usually smaller/ less noticable

towards the top end. this has happened to me too, so dont worry.

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