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Squeeze bruises

Squeeze bruises

Wondering if anyone else has had, and more importantly solved, this problem. While performing various squeeze exercises (which involve an overhand, ok-grip clamp at the base), I am continually experiencing a 1 or so inch bruise on the underside down by the base which typically fades in a day. I’ve tried longer warm ups, less pressure and lay offs, but it just keeps coming back. I’m thinking it either has to do with my grip or some structural weakness/injury in that area. Any ideas?


How long since you started PE?
Squeezes are considered an advanced exercise, especialy if performed erect or near-erect. They are not for for newbies. One should gradually build up towards them otherwise all sorts of injuries may occur.
If you just started PE, leave the squeezes alone untill your dick gets used to the stretching and jelqing, then after at least a couple of months start carefully with the squeezes.
If you expirience bruising on the underside down by the base as you described, switch to partially erect squeezes, say about 50-60% and do them lightly at first. Then if everything’s ok, increase the % of erection and the intensity - slowly and gradually, listening carefully to your body - and you should be all right.

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When I began PE, I had the same issue from the jelqing. I found that it subsided with in a month or so as my tissues were able to build up to the new stress that I was putting them through.

I have a few questions for you:

1) How long have you been having this problem?

2) Do you use lube?

3) Is there any pain associated with this?

What ever you do, pay real close attention to your body. Don’t over do it. Don’t risk injury if you are uncomfortable with it. For me, it took a combination of changing my grip slightly and getting my henry in shape for PE. I haven’t had the problem since.

Good Luck!

Goodwood :chuckle:

Thanks guys. Have have been jelqing a number of months with substantial gains. After reaching my length goal, I switched to concentrate on still more girth—really letting down in the number and duration of jelqing exercises. Bottom line, I think I got out of shape and moved too fast. Have gone back to jelqing and am taking it slower on the squeezes. We will see. I do believe this is a marathon, not a sprint but it’s difficult to keep from trying to move fast once in a while. -Rope

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