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Sprained Penis? and loss of gain

Sprained Penis? and loss of gain

Okay, First off I have been here awhile, rarely post but let me say hi, my name is Str8jacket.

I did a quick search on this in the forums and didn’t find anything fitting, so I’ll try this, here it goes.

A couple of weeks ago I had started the day off with a 6:30 am workout, then I had finals, then work and it had been a real long day. I was exhausted but still put in a good 45 min PE routine. The girlfriend had been drinking and all i wanted was sleep, but when the time came, she was all ready to go for some sex. I didn’t want to disappoint her but I was tired. I was getting into it when I noticed that i losing my erection. She was going nuts, on top and having fun, as I softened, I asked her to stop for a bit. Her reply was, get this “NO!” I then realized that I was being bent into awkward shapes and told her, near begging “please stop a second”, she said no again, I eeked out a stop and then BAM! I got sharp pain right through my penis and into my belly! That was it, it was over and I was pissed. I couldn’t sleep at all. I finally got up and checked, it was swollen and throbbing!

Gentlemen, I actually put a bag of frozen corn on my crotch! The pain finally went away after a week, but here is the problem; I took an extra week off before returning to PE, when I measured, I had lost over half an inch in erect length! I couldn’t believe this. After about two weeks of PEing, one day, it popped! Not the normal pop either, it hurt like a son-of-a-bitch! I stopped for about a week. I began PE again and just measured, I have gained almost a quarter inch ABOVE what I had been BEFORE the incident. From 7 n roughly 1/4” to 7 1/2”. After the injury I was at about 6 1/2”. I am at a loss. The big problem is that when I get super aroused now, I get pain!…I have laid off PE and don’t quite know how to deal. Is this a sprain? I have never read about anything like this, if you guys have anything to suggest, short of the standard see the doc) I could use some input…Thanks in advance Bros….Str8

Go see a doctor. What did you expect?

Sharp pain from you penis to your belly, that sounds like it may have been a nerve thing. However, this is a wild guess, I have had pinched nerve in my neck when I played football in high school (called “stingers”) and I had a back problem that had sciatic nerve pain. That’s my experience with nerve pain. It’s a very good thing that you can get erections. Perhaps you only pinched it. Or maybe it is only a sprain. Either way I would go to the doctor now if you have pain during erections.

How long have you had this continual erection pain during super arousal? It sounds like at least a week. If you don’t want to go to the doctor (it’s your dick), rest it. That means no PE. I wouldn’t masturbate either. Your girlfriend will probably think she is to blame, get blowjobs from her. Take some anti-inflammatory medicine. If it lasts for 3 weeks, GO TO THE DOCTOR.

Maybe this should be a warning:
1. If you are fatigued from a session of PE, don’t have sex.
2. If you don’t do 1., make sure your SO is not on top.
3. If you don’t do 2, if SO is on top and you start to lose your erection, switch positions so you can control the bends in your johnson.
4. If you don’t do 3, make sure you pray to the God(s) of your choice to save your dick from injury.
5. If you don’t do 4, have a ready supply of frozen corn.

It is possible to fracture your penis. This happens when an erect penis is bent too far. Since you were beginning to lose your erection, perhaps this happened, perhaps not, but you really should see a doctor. If it is fractured, it might require surgery to repair. Here is one article on the subject. Just Google: fractured penis for more info.

Thank you guys for the responses. Iron, what I expected was my girlfriend to stop when I asked. I am no stranger to pain, I have been a bouncer for, an avid mountain biker and been dragged around the block a time or two.

I have laid off PE, continue taking anti-inflammatories and even applied oil used for strained muscles. I have every intention to see a doctor if this does not go away, but like most of us, I looked for the home remedy before the big payment. Please don’t take my reply as rude Iron.

gprent, thanks for the link! I dug a bit deeper and I don’t think I fractured it. I had considered the idea, but thanks to the link, I can put that one to rest. It was the loss of size, almost compacting my penis like a jammed finger that really through me for a loop. Morning wood is still present, but there is just the slightest pain. Thanks guys, both of ya! Str8


No offense taken. By the way, I bounced for a about 7 months in college before I moved behind the bar. Usually, it was fun job, except for getting the pricks out of the bar at closing time.

Just glad to hear that you say that you have every intention of seeing a doctor if the pain doesn’t go away. I just don’t want to hear anybody let a minor problem become a big one. I wrote in another post about this. I had a friend in high school whose little brother had let a testicular cancer spread because he was too embarrassed to let anybody know about it. My mother, who is a radiation therapist, treated him and said he was a goner.

Since you will see a doctor if the pain persists, you have the right attitude. I’m in graduate school and have school insurance, so I can just visit the shcool clinic for free. It’s only if I had to see a urologist would I have to start shelling out any money above my regular insurnance premium. Even then, I think just a diagnosis by the urologist wouldn’t be too expensive. I think I’d only have to shell out real money if there was something seriously wrong, but if that were the case, I would be glad I visited the urologist. But if I didn’t have medical insurance, I could definately see the money crunch. I hope everbody who is doing PE tries to get medical insurance.

My numbered warning was in good part just a jest. Your girlfriend should have stopped. Most importantly, if you start losing your erection a bit and your SO other is on top grinding away be careful. When a girl is on top of me, because of my very high erection angle, it hurts when they lean back. Although, with PE, I have noticed my erection can pulled farther down. I can’t wait to for a girl to try it out.

Keep this thread updated. You said your morning wood has the “slightest pain.” Is the pain starting to go away? If that is the case, rest may be enough. Good luck.

Hey Iron,

I called a doctor, well, advice nurse. Thanks to gpret I had read up on fractures and that was about what the nurse had said it sounded like I had come “close” to doing. She said that the (I called it shrinkage in erect size) was probably due to the tendons reaction. The fact that it loosened up again is a good sign, as is my ability to achieve and maintain an erection. The sharp pain should go away soon enough, as long as I don’t (in her words) “abuse myself” lol. The pain is indeed going away, now it comes in little bursts instead of a constant Sharp pain while fully erect. I have even set sex aside and it has been getting brutal while waiting to heal! My girlfriend has learned a lesson here as well, when I say stop, it means if you keep going we won’t have sex for a month!

I still have that extra 1/4” from when it popped back out ( for lack of a better term). I don’t know what happened, and I don’t recommend the procedure. I measured to check for losses, this is how I noticed the pain was going away, but had to fight off the urge to PE.

Iron I used to bounce for “private” parties when I was young and uhm…adventurous. I actually don’t miss it a bit. It paid well, but now that I look back, I realize just how damn stupid I was being. I had one friend who continued to do it after I left and he is now paralyzed from the waist down. Ah but to be young and invincible again!

Thanks again to both you guys! I am confident that I will recover, with a valued lesson in hand…..Str8


Over the next few months watch out for any additional symptoms. The will be physical changes. The pain may go completely away in the next two months but just keep doing what you are doing and DONT reinjure the shaft. Make sure your GF is well lubricated and you dont have a semi-erection during intercourse, this prevents excessive bending.

Hope this helps. Keep us posted..

Masters of the art of life draw no sharp distinction between work and play. Their labor and leisure, their mind and body, their education and recreation... They hardly know which is which. To them, they always seem to be doing both.

Hey man! Thanks for keeping an eye on my behalf. I can fully appreciate the need to take it easy. I have become very conscious of changes now. I don’t have any plans on “abusing” myself for some time now, as far the gf is considered, I am not making that mistake again. Just thought that I may have come “close” to fracturing myself is enough to keep me at bay lol.

Thanks much guys, updates will be done! Str8


Good to hear things are going better. I agree with Talons, keep off the PE for a couple months, especially since the incident gave an impressive, albeit painful gain. I still can’t figure out how you got an extra 1/4”. Maybe that pop was like lig pops, but it was inner penis ligaments. The new exercise, the “suicide pop.” I can see guys trying it now. As for sex, sooner or later you are going to have to get back on that horse, or is it the other way around, your girlfriend needs to get back on your horse.

So you talked to a nurse, one question, did you ask her to examine you closely? Joking aside, stay safe for awhile, PE will always be there.

Fantastic! We can call it the Blitzkrieg Pop! in honor of the ramones. I am going to give sex the ‘ol college try here this weekend. I can only go so long! The outcome should speak volumes! Puns indeed. It’s been over a month witout sex. PE is going on hold, like you said, it will always be there. We shall see, we shall see. Str8

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