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Spot in the head

Spot in the head

I have post this before and I got a response asking me for more details but I haven’t come here in a while and the post got deleted.

I have a red spot on my head of 2mm in diametre, I think is due to a PE injury because it wasn’t there before. When I notice it I took my rest for quite long and then stop PE due to my slacking behaviour. However the spot is still there! I don’t have any pains or problems to pee or have sex but I just don’t want it there. Any advice?

Nothing gets deleted. Here’s your thread.

Check your setting under usercp. You are probably looking at posts for the last 30 days only. Set this to the beginning and you’ll see everything.

Hey memento Thanks for the quick anwser :) What about the spot?

I’m surprised it hasn’t disappeared. They normally do (if they are standard blood spots). As luvadadus says the fact that there is no pain is a good sign. It will hopefully fade in time. If PE’ing doesn’t make it worse then its probably safe to continue.

Is/was there any hardness associated with the spot. Is it raised above the surface? Does it have any companions?

No companions, it is not raised above the surface and there wasn’t any hardness involved. It’s been 6 months or more since I got it shouldn’t it be fading already?

Sounds like some permanent discolouration. This is more often associated with the shaft it looks like you’ve managed to achieve it on the head. You may be able to help lessen the discoloration with wrapping or heat and massage.

Bib said this about wrapping “I actually had two spots on the head of my dick since I can remember. I thought they were liver spots or birthmarks. They disappeared after wrapping for some time.”

Anyone else got some ideas on this?

Thanks :)

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