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Split stream urination

Split stream urination

I had accident when jelqing my penis the wrong way 5 years ago and have tons of issues since the day. ED, varicocele, split stream and all those problems. When I urinate, it comes from one hole. However, if I look very closely when I urinate, I see 2 streams coming out from the hole. They also cross each other making like a letter V. After they cross each other and make that V, the 2 streams of urine would go straight in the same direction.

I had they cystoscopy done already and my urologist tells me he did not see anything under the telescope that should cause this. I was told it is fixable using a scalpel and the procedure is easy to fix but since my urologist saw nothing, he tells me he cannot do anything.

Is the description I just gave split stream urination?

SInce there is nothing there to cause the problem it is possibly the pressure of urine denting the wall of the urethra. which then causes the stream to distort.

The effect sometimes happens in hosepipes, if say, a tiny amount of soil gets in the mouth of the hosepipe. Orthe hosepipe is distorted there.

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I get that (viper piss) all the time after I skeet….

I always split stream after that penis injury I had 5 years jelqing. You can read my story by clicking on name and my thread. Anyone know what may be the problem since the urologist saw nothing with the telescope?

Split stream is not uncommon. One cause is residual semen after sex or masturbation. Try gently pulling the “mouth” of the meatus (pee hole) apart before you urinate. Might fix it. Might not.



I get the split stream very often . Is just about the skin from the tip of the just turtled.follow avocet advice , that works for me. Hope you solve the other big problem too.I have something similar for about 3 months.but not that severe.good luck man

Avocet8, I use to split stream before my injury and that was usually after masturbation. However, my case now is that it always split stream. It make a letter V when they cross each other but after they make the cross, it still goes in same direction though.

Check with your Dr. It may be possible to cure your problem with sounds - thin stainless steel rads that you lub and lower down your urethra. They come in different sizes and you slide them down to increase the diameter of the urethra (it is also a very sensual procedure if you do it your self). You may just need to widen a portion of your urethra in order to solve your problem.

Yeah if the doctor says its ok don’t worry about it. It happens to me all the time if I piss right after sex or masturbation. It also happens if I get a false piss alarm feeling like I feel I have to go bad, then end up not having to go very bad. Do you feel an intense need to urinate when this happens, or are you maybe forcing it.

This is very common and not really a problem. Even if PE caused it. No doubt Avocet is right and your hole is sticking at the end. I believe he is in the medical field.

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What do you mean dtwarren? Never heard of that method. Is that to fix the split stream?

It happens to me too, and it’s irritating as hell. With me it seems to be a lack of pressure. What I do is make a loop with my index finger and do a downward stretch. I hold the stretch until the pressure builds (you will actually feel the pressure building behind the loop you’ve made), then I slowly release the stretch. This build up of pressure usually creates one stream.

Hey do you split stream all the time? If you do, how did you get it? Can you describe in more detail how to fix it? Your description bit hard to understand.

Guys I went to my urologist again. I asked him how does split stream urination go and he tells me with his fingers it goes in different direction. I told him nooo thats not how it goes for me. I told him it comes out in 2 streams and then immediately cross each other but then go in the same direction but it’s 2 streams.

He tells me that is NORMAL. Is this true? I told him before the injury, it was never like that. He said don’t worry about it and thats it.

Can someone tell me if this is normal? I mean this has to be some sort of split stream urination right?

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