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Sound Familiar/Should I start Again?

Sound Familiar/Should I start Again?


I jelqued last December for about a month. At the end of my fourth week, I heard a faint pop while jelquing and have not jelqued since. No pain, no soreness, no discoloration, saw a urologist and he felt nothing out of the ordinary. Problem is that my erections have not been the same since. They don’t get as hard…It seems as though not all of the blood gets where it needs to. I used to be able to get very hard and when I kegled more blood it, it would really get a good pump. I don’t have that anymore since that day when I last jelqued.

I should also mention that I have masturbated almost everyday for the last six months. I have never masturbated that often in the past, but I don’t feel that should have this effect on my erections, and the doctor said it really shouldn’t. My erections are more “loose” meaning it gets about 65-70% hard and it’s not as stiff as it used to be. Also, it some of the veins that used to be there are not as prominent as they used to be. I’ve heard it could be psychological, but I am telling you that’s not the problem. It’s been three months and I feel fine.

I’ve wanted to start jelquing again. I would do a 5 min warm wrap, 5 min stretch, 10 min jelq, 5 min warm wrap to start off with in the next four weeks. I got overzealous the last time, and at the suggestion of a member here, after my first two weeks, I went from 10 minutes to 20 minutes. I overdid it I think.

My biggest concern is will I ever get my old erection back?

Do you think it’s OK to start jelquing again?



No answers?

Reduce the masturbating. See if this does anything. I know it is difficult to stop masturbating and watching porn but give it a try.

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