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Soreness after ejaculation.

Soreness after ejaculation.

My penis feel extremely sore even burns sometimes after every ejaculation. I mean I can still get it up, but hurts like all hell. And I’m only 19, i should be good for like 3 nuts a night goddammit!!

It feels sore after ejaculation, whether it be by hand, mouth, or vagina. But I’m hoping. I’ve had this problem for a few years now, since before doing PE so I don’t think PE has worsened or made it better. I know its not VD, cuz I’ve had it since before I lost my virginity, and it was before starting PE like I said. I’m really hoping some of you penis afficinodos(sp?) could save me an embarrassing trip to the clinic and tell me how if any way can I cure this problem.

thnx in advance
i’m ghost

Do you only get the burning feeling after ejaculating? If so, how long before it goes away?

yes only after, and the duration varies. sometimes the soreness/burning only last like an hour, sometimes the rest of the night like if a hooked up or jacked off at like 6 i’mma goto sleep at 12 in what i guess would be tolerable pain. Not as bad as earlier, but still painful.

Do you have any idea what this is or if there’s a cream or something I can take?

I really don’t wanna go to the clinic with this. They look at me funny :(

First of all, I’m not a doctor and don’t really know what I’m talking about. If the pain is lasting for 6 hours, I would absolutely recommend going to the clinic. They won’t look at you funny. They treat this type of thing all the time.

With that said, I used to have a similar issue. It didn’t always happen, usually only after a second or third round with my girlfriend. I described it as more of a discomfort than burning. The best I can figure is that not all of the semen escaped the urethra during/after ejaculating. For me, it usually went away after I took a nice long piss to clear it out. I finally got tired of it happening though and found a solution that works for me;

The most important thing I focused on was training my PC/BC muscle. By having additional control, I was able to build up the intensity of my ejaculate (not to mention lasting longer during sex). Check out westla’s Locating the bc muscle to read more. Also, do a search for ‘kegel’.

Another variable that seemed to help was taking a piss before sex (or masturbation). Not exactly sure why it helped, but I never seemed to get the discomfort after ejaculating if I took a piss 5 minutes before sex.

Finally, drink more water. I used to be real bad about not drinking water and the quality/quantity of my semen suffered. Try to drink at least 4 tall glasses of water a day (if not more).

Again, this is just what worked for me in my experience. I’m not an MD and still think you should go to the clinic. Good luck!

Iight thanks.

I guess I’ll just bite the bullet and take it into the clinic. And you don’t know the doctors at this clinic, their shifty dammit *shifty*

But thanks for your input
Its appreciated :)
I’m ghost

>And you don’t know the doctors at this clinic, their shifty dammit *shifty*

It’s either all in your head, or you need to find another clinic. I wouldn’t trust anyone with my dick that I describe as “shifty”.

I’m having the same problem.

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