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Sore penis head ?

Sore penis head ?

Hi all

I thought I would share some experience I have regarding circulation cutt of from penis enlargement traction devices: A few months back I bought a Jes-Extender, expensive but it had a nice quality and everything, after a few hours the loop started to be annoying, and I got this numb feeling in my penis head.
I contacted the company DanaMedic, and they sent me a Comfort Strap which fitted right into the device, but with a much wider strap.
This has allowed me to wear the extender for much longer uninterrupted time, and sometimes even at night.

Best regards
Howard Nilsen

Guess it’s just me but again a first post and pushing a product.

Even his signature sounds like a business letter.

Put then, after trying the Penimaster and having this problem, a solution would be welcome by more than a few.


Lo Guiri

Sorry if it sounds like a biz advert, but i was just so positively suprised by the pad, and by the service from the peeps at DanaMedic, so i thought i would pass it on to other peeps using PE devices..

I know it’s my first post, i have used previusly (that’s where i learned about the jes-extender), but thought you guys might wanted to know, that it is actually possible to use a traction device without getting a sore head !


PS. And i wish i got a percentage from their sales by doing this, cause it’s a pretty expensive product :D

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